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Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2000

Leading the Way in Quality Information Technology Education

Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology is playing a major role in the promotion of information technology in the country by producing high quality graduates with specialization in computer software engineering, computer networking and computer hardware.

The student population in the Computer Engineering programme is in excess of 1300 students at the BS degree level. The BS degree of the University is nationally and internationally recognized. The University has accreditation and recognition from the Sindh Provincial Assembly, the University Grants Commission and the Pakistan Engineering Council. The University has also started postgraduate programmes in information technology. The combined student strength in Computer and Electronic Engineering stands at more than 2000 and is expected to increase to 2500 within next three months. The founders and sponsors of the University believe that in order to compete in the world of information technology Pakistan needs the highest quality manpower in large numbers.

State of the art computing environment is available to students at the University. This environment includes a high-speed network of more than 800 nodes. More than 600 computers are available on the campus and there are eight computer laboratories. The computing facilities of the University are the largest and most advanced of any university in Pakistan. These facilities are available to students throughout the day and well into the night (till 10:00 PM and even later) and also on Sundays. Most advanced Servers and Workstations are used to provide all the necessary cutting edge software development tools and a fully Internet-enabled computing environment to the students. Each student has a university-provided Internet email account and access to Internet discussion forums. Internet and Intranet technologies are heavily utilized for the delivery of the curriculum thus providing an enhanced learning environment to the students.

The University is a recipient of a Cisco Networks Laboratory and a strong programme of collaboration is being followed between Cisco Systems, USA and Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology. It is well known that Cisco Systems at present is the biggest IT company in the world, with a market capitalization in excess of $400 billion.

In addition, the University has established strong collaboration links with the expatriate scientists and engineers in United States and Canada. As a result of University's efforts a US-based group of Pakistani scientists and engineers, Madani Welfare Fund, has donated 110 high-powered UNIX Workstations. These workstations are an indispensable tool for computer aided design and engineering. Sir Syed University has the largest collection of these UNIX Workstations in the country that is available to students in the BS degree programme and is also being used by the students of the Masters programme for research and development.

The University has developed specialized Laboratory Manuals of international standard for 17 subjects in information technology. These high-quality laboratory manuals are used by the students and it is assured through the use of these laboratory manuals that the students obtain the highest level of hands-on practical exposure so that they can enter the information technology industry as highly productive members of the IT workforce.

No wonder Sir Syed University students regularly win first prizes in top-notch national software competitions such as the A. Q. Khan Research Laboratory Software Competitions and the Softec software competition.

Graduates of the University are hired by leading IT companies of the world such as Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, General Electric, Siemens and Alcatel. In addition, the local software industry and Internet Service Providers prize Sir Syed University graduates as valuable assets. Furthermore, the graduates of the University have established many successful information technology enterprises such as software houses and dotcom ventures.

The University has established a high profile Software Technology Incubator that is already working on software development projects for Fortune 50 US companies such as Lockheed Martin - IBS and Cisco Systems. The Software Technology Incubator is contributing to make Pakistan a major player in the global software export market and at the same time providing opportunity to University students to get experience of working on real world high-tech software projects for leading companies of the world and the country. More information about the Software Technology Incubator is available at http://sti.ssuyet.edu.pk.

The University has recently launched a full-fledged Internet service provider ssuet.net. SSUET.NET is providing Internet services to a large population of students, faculty members and staff of the University and its allied institutions. More information about SSUET.NET is available at http://www.ssuet.net

In a nutshell, over a period of last eight years Sir Syed University has established itself as a model of a successful information technology education institution, which is a role model for all other universities in Pakistan. More information about Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology is available at http://www.ssuet.edu.pk.