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For The Record





Politics & Policy

By Syed M.Aslam
Aug 14 - 20, 2000

*** "I AM ONLY voicing the concern . . . and impression of the people of Pakistan that these two have been tested, tried and they have failed. They have failed the country and they have no place in Pakistan's politics."

(General Pervez Musharraf saying that former premiers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have no place in Pakistani politics during an Internet interview with the BBC Television)

*** "THE TOBACCO companies' own documents show that they viewed, WHO, an international public health agency, as one of their foremost enemies . . . the tobacco companies instigated global strategies to discredit and impede WHO's ability to carry out its mission."

(A 240-page report accusing the tobacco companies for waging a secret campaign against the WHO by implanting their own 'consultants' at the Geneva-based Organisation monitoring the agency's anti-smoking activities, its meetings and obtaining confidential documents)

*** "I MEAN, how bad could I be? I've been governor of Texas; my daddy was president . . . They like me down there; everything is rocking along hunky-dory. Blur, blur, blur. Blur all the distinctions."

(President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, mimicking Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush)

*** "THE ROLE OF POLITICIANS should be to learn, and not to take it upon themselves to write history."

(Director of Royal Academy of History Spain, Gonzalo Anes, criticising textbooks for localising and politicising the national history to lack any sense of a common past)

*** "THE GENOME sequence should aid in the development of new vaccines and medicines to tackle the scourge of Cholera."

(US researchers Matthew Waldor and Debabrata Ray Chaudhuri announcing the decoding the genetic map of the cholera bacterium to pave the way to revolutionary drugs to fight the disease)

*** "WE'RE VERY EXCITED . . . It's so close as if it's right on our own block."

(William D. Cochran, University of Texas astronomer at Austin McDonald Observatory, on the discovery of 10 new planets outside the solar system, including a tantalizing Jupiter-sized planet almost in the earth's 'backyard')

*** "THIS IS the dark side of Silicon Valley . . . I believe my son was a victim of dotcom burnout."

(Father of 26-year Silicon Valley computer entrepreneur Aaron Bunnell who committed suicide. He blamed that stress to succeed and over-night riches is taking a heavy toll on computer entrepreneurs)

*** " ONE GUY holed up in a jungle with a few guns is holding a high-tech city to ransom . . . The total revenues lost in these couple of days will be more than $ 200 million."

(S.M. Krishna, the chief minister of Karnataka state, on the abduction of revered 74-year old film star Rajkumar by India's most wanted bandit Veerappan in Bangalore, the country's IT capital)

*** "GO INTO THE WORLD, and try to learn a trade, and when, you all come back, he who makes the best masterpiece shall have the house."

(Founder of Pound Sterling 20 billion IKEA furniture empire, Ingvar Kamprad, devising a plan to enable the most successful of his three sons to inherit his house)

*** 'IF SHE HAD SMILED and shown her teeth, she would have been putting herself beyond the pale of polite society . . . It is not surprising that she kept her mouth shut."

(Professor Colin Jones, a British academic at Warwick University, commenting on tight-lipped smile of Mona Lisa in his 45-page paper tracing the history of smile in art)

*** "IT IS OF COURSE an Utopian idea. But I can imagine such a concept as a United States of Europe."

(Austrian foreign minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner foreseeing development of European Union into a 'United State of Europe')

*** "HERE AND THERE charred bodies like fish lay on the street and it was impossible to identify whether a specific body belonged to a man, woman or a child or aged person. Those who were still alive were bloody all over. And one by one they died"

(Survivor of Hiroshima atomic horror, Seiko Ikeda, recalling the horror she lived through as a 12-year old school girl when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945)