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Aug 14 - 20, 2000

Hanif S. Kalia demands to re-establish previous system of prize bonds draws

Mr. Hanif S. Kalia, Chairman, Ko-Ordination Group has demanded to re-establish previous method of Prize Bonds draws because people do not trust in new computerized method and the long series system is tedious which effects buying and selling of the prize bonds.

He also demanded to enhance small prizes in each series as there are very few small prizes. It will be better if value of bumber prizes are reduced and more small prizes are added in the list.

Mr. Hanif S. Kalia thanked the Government for extending the final date of encashment of a prize bonds of Rs. 100, 500, 1000, 5000 and 25000 upto 31st December, 2000 and requested to further extend the final date of Rs.50 prize bond upto 31st December, 2000.

Issuance of new dollar-notes by the usa.

The Economic Counselor of the United States in a letter addressed to Mr. Hanif S.Kalia, Chairman, Kalia Group has said that in continuation of the program that began in March 1996, the United States Treasury Department will again be issuing redesigned currency notes. In addition to the redesigned currency notes of $20, $50 and $100 denominations already in circulation, newly designed $5 and $10 notes and $1 coins will soon be introduced.

The communication said that the introduction of the new currency is primarily aimed at enhancing and incorporating the latest security features to stay ahead of the technologies used for counterfeiting.

However, all US currency will continue to be honoured at full face value and there will be no recall or devaluation of any US notes. As the new currency is phased in, the old notes will be retired by the Federal Reserve as they are returned. "There is no limit of requirement of exchanging a previous series note for a new series note" the communication added.

The communication is accompanied with a brochure containing complete information on different aspects of the new currency which can be had from any office of Khanani & Kalia.

Cyber.Net re-opens Sarwar Shaheed Road Centre

Cyber Internet Services (Pvt.) Ltd. recently re-opened their Sarwar Shaheed Road Customer Care Centre after a complete interior overhaul. The new Care Centre, designed by a renowned architect, is constructed such that it is functional and futuristic at the same time. Metallic and leather chairs, sleek and contoured wooden cubicle dividers make the centre practical and organized. With Cyber.Net staff to facilitate present users queries and payments and to sign up new customers, the center, which is conveniently located, is a complete customer solutions provider.

CE to inaugurate national technology in education conference

Beaconhouse School System, the largest private school system in Asia, is organizing a one-day conference "Redefining Learning Systems" to coincide with its 25th anniversary in November this year. The Chief Executive of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf will inaugurate this prestigious event.

"This is the first ever national conference that focuses on Technology in Education". Explained Nasreen Kasuri, Chief Executive of Beaconhouse School System while announcing the event in Karachi recently. "The Convention Center in Islamabad has been selected as the possible venue for the conference in lieu of its national importance", Mrs. Kasuri added.

Open to educators throughout Pakistan, the conference is being organized to bring into focus the need to integrate technology seamlessly into the school systems and to harness its power to strengthen and facilitate the learning process.

Nusrat Vohra Appointed as head of nbp Treasury Division

The National Bank of Pakistan has apppointed Mr. Muhammad Nusrat Vohra as the Head of the Treasury Division with effect from August 1, 2000. Mr. Vohra's posting is backed by a rich experience of Treasury Management in national and international financial institutions.