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Evening Programmes

Coordinator Evening Programmes
Aug 07 - 13, 2000

To educate the business leaders of tomorrow, we need to provide more than the wisdom of today. Asian Management Institute, IQRA University, with it's excellence in innovative and relevant programmes has incorporated emerging concepts of Business Administration and Computer Science in it's evening programmes.

This success is built on the strong, balanced foundations of quality teaching. What is particularly special about the AMI evening programmes is the spirit of innovation, achievement and intellectual adventure that emerges when top class faculty and a dynamic group of participants work together with a genuine commitment to excellence.

AMI uses an innovative blend of teaching methods. Case studies, lectures and seminar are important, but computer-based learning, projects and research assignments play a growing role. Our intention is to develop business leaders, confident and qualified to lead the complex, high technology businesses of tomorrow.

AMI is not just academically outstanding, it has a beautiful purpose-built campus — an extensive greenfield, sports complex, information resource center, computer resource center and internet facility for all participants. Individuals looking for new challenges and career advancement will find opportunities for professional growth through the Evening Programmes.

As in all of our programmes for working professionals, learning in the evening programme is enhanced by the interaction which takes place in the classroom setting enabling them to relate and analyze their theoretical and professional experiences. Participants are able to immediately apply concepts learned in the classroom to challenges in their career and are encouraged to bring issues from their professional life into the classroom for discussion and analysis.

Currently AMI is offering the following disciplines in the evening programmes:

Master of business administration has two offerings

Masters of Business Administration (Regular Evening): The purpose of the Evening MBA programme is to contribute to and enhance the career development of working professionals. It challenges individuals from private and public-sector organizations to broaden, deepen, and heighten their understanding, skills, abilities, and motivations.

The programme develops skills in leadership, business development, communications, and strategic analysis through a general programme of studies in the foundation and core functions of business and through focused elective offerings. The Evening MBA programme is designed for professionals who wish to complete their studies at an individual pace while continuing to contribute to their organizations. It is distinguished by flexible and responsive courses. It attracts participants who are highly talented performers and who wish to contribute to their organizations in new ways.

The Evening MBA programme is a full-strength programme which provides the breadth and depth of coverage necessary to effectively manage and lead today's organizations. The programme offer an in-depth look at Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Management Information Systems. The real issues and problems faced by participants who are also working professionals are discussed and analyzed in the classroom. In turn, participants are able to use their own organizations as case studies and as the focus of projects and assignments, thus contributing to their organizations from the outset of the programme.

Executive MBA Programme: The Executive MBA Programme has been structured to provide participants considerable flexibility, even within the context of a highly organized curriculum. Courses are taught in the evening, so participants may work during the day.

Since the majority of participants are fully employed, they bring real-life work experiences to the classroom and take valuable information back to their jobs the following day. Participants may vary their course load each term.

The AMI Executive MBA Programme is designed to prepare participants for leadership positions in business. The curriculum is oriented towards developing the perspectives, knowledge, and skills needed for effective management. Most Executive MBA participants have worked for a number of years and have returned to school, either to increase the potential of a career they have already started or to train for a new career. Other participants have substantial management experience and want to enrich their experience through theoretical content and enjoy the flexibility the programme provides. This programme is designed to accommodate a wide variety of educational and occupational backgrounds.

The curriculum is structured to accommodate participants from all educational backgrounds. Combining business and non-business participants in classes provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn from each other's diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Participants move through the programme together, strengthening the sense of community and camaraderie of the executive group and allowing to develop and maintain study groups for the entire programme.

Master of Computer Science (Regular): The programme has been structured to develop and strengthen the core knowledge in computer & Information Technology right through to understand and be able to handle the state of the art developments in the field.

It's aim is to produce first class computer professionals with a flair of initiative, creativity, motivation, dedication, and commitment to be consumed in research and development in the software houses of the country.

Implementation of research techniques in Systems Design and development, offering skills in client / user architecture design and development to meet the market needs in the new decentralized system approach. Specializations offered are Data Bases, Sotware Engineering, Communications, Networking, Web Engineering and E-Commerce.

Executive Master of Computer Science: The Executive MCS programme has been designed for busy executives and IT professionals with relevant work experience and who intend to equip themselves with state-of-the-art IT education.

AMI's commitment to offer flexible and concise programmes is truly reflected in it's latest offering — the EMCS Programme. A time integrated programme which will provide the participants freedom to pursue their existing profession while expanding the vistas of formal education.

The aim of EMCS programme is to promote and encourage good Software Information Engineering techniques, operational and theoretical research opportunities in the field of Computer Science. To equip participants with senior Information Management skills and offer advance employable skills that can be used in public and private sector industry.

Each semester is conveniently segregated in two months terms. Thereby taking off the load of concentrating on more than two course at a time. The programme offers all the foundation and advanced IT methodologies and is distinctly market oriented, with specialisations in Data Bases, Sotware Engineering, Communications, Networking, Web Engineering and E-Commerce.

Summing it up, through the evening programme, participants develop an appreciation for the relationships among different business disciplines and broaden and deepen their skills and knowledge of each of those disciplines. Elective courses allow participants to focus on the functional area of their choice or to seek broader knowledge across disciplines. Graduates of our evening programme are well-prepared to deal effectively with the complex nature of today's rapidly changing business environment.

AMI, where your future begins.