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Aug 07 - 13, 2000

Khusbakht Shujat, Pakistan's top ranking TV presenter, is known for her chaste style of speech and conduct which gave her a different identity on the small screen. She did her masters in Mass Communications in 1973 from University of Karachi.

As an anchorperson, Khushbakht carries a number of distinctions to her credit by conducting TV programmes such as "Farozan" "Meena Bazar" a ladies show, "Zehanat" a Quiz show, "Chehrey". All these shows proved to be the bestseller and attracted the audience not only in Pakistan but also in neighbouring India and other countries where PTV's transmissions are watched. Currently, she is conducting "Khawteen Time" an especial programme for young ladies. This programme is basically meant to encourage talented girls to come forward and serve the country with the talents the Almighty Allah has given to them. Brilliantly talented girls so far in the dark have been introduced through this programme inviting others to display their talents for the cause of the country.

Currently, Khusbakht is devoting most of her time and efforts as the Principal of Kid's University, for promotion the cause of child education in Pakistan.

PAGE: Having a rich experience in electronic media, are you satisfied with the quality of programmes being offered by PTV, especially when a large number of Indian TV channels are in access of the audience in Pakistan?

Khushbakht: While comparing our TV programmes with Indian channels, one should always keep in mind that we as a Pakistani nation have certain limitations, social responsibilities and ethics. We neither can go nor we should go beyond those limits. If we start behaving in that fashion like Indian channel, I strongly believe that nobody would like to see PTV to go in that style. PTV is producing quality programmes within those limits, especially in drama segments. However there is a lot of room for improvement. We are not in a position to invest huge amount on TV shows, and for costly locations to give colours to our productions, however there should be freedom of expression for the producers, writers and others. Anything near to reality and truth always give a strong base for making the creative work a success. For example, our news section lacks credibility and swiftness to reach the audience. It is generally seen that people tune other channels to listen to or watch news related to our own country. This is a harsh fact and has to be accepted. If we have to compete with the current wave of cultural invasion of foreign TV channels we have to take some difficult decisions. Because survival is always for the fittest. We do not have any dearth of talents in any segment of life; the only thing required is to provide them opportunity to display in a genuinely as certain consideration kills the soul and spirit before they could get matured.

PAGE: Now you are devoting much of your time for "Kids University," which is an institution for a pre-nursery stage of education. What was the motive behind that decision?

Khushbakht: Psychologically speaking, the pre-nursery stage of education makes lifetime impact on the children. Hence this stage of vital importance for any person. "You know, first teacher and first school which always remain in the mind of a person whatever the status he achieves in rest of life". "I have established the Kid's University to provide a place to kids to groom in a manner which may help them to make their lives on sound footings".

As a whole a very little has been done in this field hence I have tried to share my responsibility in that direction.

In this Montessori style of education, children from the age of one and half year are eligible to get admission in the Kid's University. In order to give a real atmosphere and teaching environment, highly skilled directresses have been appointed to deal with small children. The Kids University was established some three years ago, She expressed the hope that the quality of grooming the children in this institution will set a trend for others to lay emphasis more on pre-nursery stage than the post graduation level.

While paying tributes to her husband Shujat Ali Baig, a prominent banker, Khushbakht said that it is generally said that there is a woman behind every successful man. But in my case there was a man that is my husband behind my success, she remarked.