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By Syed M.Aslam
Jul 31 - Aug 06, 2000

*** "EVERYONE WHO IS successful is human — just like you and me. You've got to pursue whatever it is you believe in, take it through to completion and don't be afraid to dream big."

(Sabeer Bhatia, the San Francisco-based Indian-born creator of e-mail system 'Hotmail' used by 80 million people which he had sold to Microsoft for $ 400 million)

*** "THE ARAB LEADER who would give up Jerusalem has not been born. If the sacred nature of Jerusalem is not respected, there will be no agreement."

(Palestinian President Yasser Arafat refusing to compromise on the status of sacred city of Jerusalem at the failed Camp David summit)

*** "WHILE THE G-8 leaders have enjoyed Japan's 750 million dollar hospitality they have squandered a historic opportunity to cancel the unpayable debts of the poorest countries."

(Ann Pettifor, director of international movement to cancel Third World debt 'Jubilee 2000', criticising the lavish three-day summit of the G-8 leaders in Okinawa)

*** "I'D THINK: 'Hansie you've fallen so far anyway. A few more feet won't matter."

(Disgraced former South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje admitting he contemplated committing suicide many times)

*** "A COMPUTER WILL NOT provide the answer to malnutrition or curing disease. It is possible to vaccinate 200 children against six killer diseases for the price of a decent laptop."

(Activists group rejecting agenda to curb the digital divide between information-rich and information-poor nations at the G-8 Summit saying that there are far more pressing and urgent concerns to address poverty than this)

*** "THE WALLETS ARE OPEN, but there are strings attached. Everybody is looking for something. The politicians want something from the donors, but the donors will be driving for a hard bargain."

(Larry Makinson, executive director of the Centre for Responsive Politics which tracks campaign donations, commenting on multi-million dollar fund-raising parties and conventions by the US presidential hopefuls)

*** "LET'S GET IT CLEAR what's phenomenal wealth. I think what Larry Ellison and Bill Gates have is phenomenal wealth (Gates $ 60 billion, Ellison $ 47 billion). I'm just a two-bit billionaire."

(The founder of Netscape, Jim Clark, responding to a question that if he ever feels guilty to become so phenomenally wealthy. He is the only man in the world to have created $ 3 billion businesses: Silicon Graphics, the 3-D computer software which allowed Hollywood to play with special effects; Netscape, the Internet software pioneer sold to AOL for $ 10 billion and a fifth of which is still owned by him; and Healtheon/WebMD, a healthcare company)

*** "THAT IS THE HARDEST part — to get the words to say what you really think . . . Not just each word . . . but the whole effect . . . sort of like a television commercial — it has to be judged as a whole — not only frame by frame . . . That is the final personality of the work."

(Nominee for the Caine Award for African writers, Rory Marc Roderic)

*** "DRESS ONE NOTCH lower than those around you, mock your own success in a manner that simultaneously displays your accomplishments and your ironic distance from them."

(Author David Brooks advise to aspiring Bobos — Bourgeois Bohemians, a new breed of elite which got rich through unconventional careers and like to dispose of wealth in Bohemian ways)

*** "THESE RESULTS DEMONSTRATES that the application of sterile maggots can remove dead and festering tissues more effectively than conventional medicines . . . Maggots eat pus, infections, bacteria and rotting flesh while avoiding healthy flesh altogether."

(Stephen Thomas, director of the biosurgical research unit at Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend. UK will use maggot therapy which offers most efficient and cost effective treatment for wounds)

*** "JUST LIKE ANY KIND of community there are bad actors and dark alleyways that people may be lurking in, waiting to take advantage of other people."

(Director of National League's Internet Fraud Watch US asking internet users to be more careful to avoid virus attacks)