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Jul 31 - Aug 06, 2000

Ejaz Hassan is a promissing youngman, having post of Managing Director of Synectiv Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. He did his MBA in Corporate Finance and BBA in Marketing and Accounting from Texas USA. He has attended a number of seminars and remained on different responsible positions. He also worked as National Sales and Business Development Manager at Pakistan Mobile Communication Private Limited (PMCL). He also worked as Planning and Control Executive at AEG Pakistan (Pvt) Limited. His working experience and passion helped him to run over all operations of Synectiv. Last week, Ejaz Hassan, Managing Director Synectiv talking to PAGE enlightened the current operations and future plans of the organization, following are the excerpts of his interview.

PAGE: What is Synectiv and what are its operations?

Ejaz Hassan: Synectiv is basically a UK based company selling 60000 mobile handsets of various manufacturers per month. We are basically involved in distribution of services and products with an approach to provide all the mobile phone related services under one roof. In Pakistan, during first month of operation , Synectiv has managed to sell 4000 handsets. Synectiv aims to provide customers with more quality and brand consciousness which will help the country to cut gray markets and expand the market for cellular phones.

PAGE: What perspective in Pakistan regarding cellular phone market?

Ejaz Hassan: Pakistan is an emerging market for cellular products, mobile phone usage is expected to grow by 100 per cent within the year 2000/2001. In Pakistan during last six years market of cellular phones increased drastically, consumer has become more conscious about quality. Synectiv aims to connect the Pakistan with modern changes through this sophisticated way of communication.

PAGE: what are the main detriment to develop the mobile use in Pakistan?

Ejaz Hassan : In our country Mobile phone is still a luxury and status symbol while round the globe it is being used as necessity with cheapest price. Up front cost of mobile phone in Pakistan is very high because of high taxes and tariffs as mobile users have to pay additional charges for every incoming call which is free in most of the countries like USA and UK. Government should allow relaxation to mobile phone companies in order to make it affordable for everyone.

PAGE: What are your expansion plans?

Ejaz Hassan: Currently we are working with Ericsson with our display centre. In near future we are interested to open one more centre in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. Synectiv does not believe to introduce many products at the same time but we will continue to distribute and place new products in the market with intervals of time. Soon Synectiv is going to launch Motorola in this regard. Synectiv is representing six different manufacturers and we adopt different strategies for different organizations. Synectiv has also planned to introduce Inter Roaming Prepaid card in Pakistan by the end of September.

PAGE: Gray market is also a detriment for mobile market expansion, what do you think about it?

Ejaz Hassan: Main reason of fostering gray market is extremely high prices of original hand sets and lacking of choices for general public because of unawareness of quality and brand consciousness. Gray marketers are our main rival and we are determined to excel the development of brand consciousness among customers as against gray market.

PAGE: what makes you different in the market?

Ejaz Hassan: First handset distribution (GSM/AMPS) company in Pakistan, imported handsets of leading brands, warranty along with repair with complete cellular solutions are the exclusive features of Synectiv. Synectiv is basically a multidimensional distributors which sells handsets with multiedge services. At our display centre and Erickson service point one can get an exclusive range of world's leading brands of cellular sets, high-tech accessories, kits, batteries and chargers, on the spot connectivity of either GSM and AMPS connection, choice of cost-free customized solutions with ever welcoming courteous staff.

PAGE: What role PTCL playing in this regard?

Ejaz Hassan: PTCL can play a very effective role to promote the cellular culture in Pakistan by giving relaxation to the mobile companies and users. PTCL is likely to reduce the tariffs by the month of September as PTA is going to introduce CPP ( Calling Party Pay) with which mobile user will not be charged incoming call. CPP would encourage the cellular use in Pakistan but issues like increase in call charges combined with a reduction in pulse for the land line user should also be overseen.

PAGE: Any message to the readers.

Ejaz Hassan: We believe in mutual relationship with customers. Synectiv is here to add value to their products and they should come forward for better services and products. Synectiv claims more quality with more security.