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The first graduation ceremony of MBA Executive programme

Jan 17 - 23, 2000

During this past week Hamdard University Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) City Campus held the graduating ceremony of the first batch of MBA Executive programme. Lt. Col. (Retd) Mohammad Afzal Khan, Chairman and Managing Director, Pakistan Steel, was the chief guest. Addressing the graduates and the guests he said, "While there is a very bad perception about Pakistan Steel, we are making the efforts to turnaround the largest manufacturing complex of the country. I am using all my skills and expertise. Pakistan Steel does not wish to change the image through expensive media campaign but only by showing tangible results." It is noteworthy that Afzal Khan was among those graduates who completed this programme successfully.

Earlier in his welcome address, Professor Wali Khan Durrani, Chief Executive, City Campus said, "Hamdard University is the culmination of the grand vision of its founder Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said. The University is setting a trend of rendering educational services to all, irrespective of caste, colour or creed. The University continues to excel in achievements and has earned recognition as a center of excellence domestically. HIMS is recognized as one of the three leading business schools of Pakistan."

Professor Emeritus Dr. Matin A. Khan, the most respected pioneer of business education in Pakistan, is the Dean and Director of HIMS. Addressing the graduates Dr. Khan said, "If we wish to live with dignity we have to produce quality business managers for private and public sector enterprises. The responsibilities and authorities of individuals have to be clearly defined for evaluation of performance. In a very brief period HIMS has emerged as a credible business school only due to following strict merit base policy and maintaining the highest discipline." It may be noted that 40 business executives joined this programme but only 14 finally managed to qualify.

Vice Chancellor of Hamdard University, Dr. Manzoor Ahmed is a prominent educator. In his address, he emphasized the importance of education and training. He reiterated the grand vision of Hakim Said — "Education at Hamdard should touch all spheres of development, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, technological, social and cultural. He said, "The efforts at Hamdard are made to produce not only good professionals but superior quality human beings."

Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman also addressed the audience. Comparing the GDP of Muslim countries with other developed countries, he said, "While in Switzerland an individual contributes over US$ 100,000 towards GDP the contribution made by a Pakistani is only around US$ 400. One of the factors for such a dismal contribution is poor level of education and skills. Unless the education standard and quality of skills are drastically improved Pakistan will continue to suffer from low growth rate of GDP."

Chancellor of Hamdard University, Ajmal Mian, is the retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said, "Hard work is the only way to attain success and there cannot be any short cut to this." Narrating his own example he said, "I was an average student but managed to attain the highest position in judiciary only through hard work." He advised the graduates to work harder to distinguish themselves from the graduates of other business schools, as they had also gone through the rigorous process of teaching and evaluation. They should carry forward the flag of this prestigious institution locally as well as internationally.

Certificates were distributed among the successful graduates and special certificates were awarded to the students securing outstanding GPAs in individual courses and overall performance. Ms Anjum Amin Jangda received the highest number of certificates in individual courses and certificate for the best overall performance.

MBA (Executive) Batch-1

Cdr. Azhar Nisar

Anjum Amin Jangda

Dr. M. Razi Masood

Dr. Seema Waris

Mushtaq Ahmed Khan

Zahid Husain

Asma Hanif Jan

Afshan Hanif Jan

Javed Abdullah

Feroze Ali Hussani

Faisal Latif

Mohammed Rehan Reaz

Muhammad Faisal Zia

Salman Ahmed


Shoaib Ather

Rais Mustafa

Kausar Ali Abbottabadwalla

lsrar Ahmed Khan

Zafar Pasha

Inam-ur-Rahman Khan

Masta Khan

Rizwan Amir Ali Nensy

Syed Ali Nadeem

Moazam Rafiq

Syed Danish Hussain

Shezad Lalani


Shaikh Mohammad Akif

Mohammad Khurram Yaseen

Nadia Inam

Farida Muhammad Ali

Abdul Hameed Khan

Syed Tariq Sohail


Major Muhammad Zafar Alam

M. Iftikhar Lakhani

Pervaiz Ahmed