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For the Record


For the record
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Hanif S. Kalia
Hamdard University

Jan 17, 2000

*** "THAT’S FIGHTING words . . . Don’t talk to me being unmusical because I can beat you up on that one."

(US singer Barry Manilow calling the British press ‘brutal’ over coverage of his performances as ‘unmusical’)

*** "IF SOMEONE travels without a valid ticket they have to pay a penalty. She accepted the fine with good grace."

(Thameslink, a British train company, which fined the wife of prime minister Tony Blair, Cherie, for travelling without ticket)

*** "UNDER THIS resolution, American and Britain are seeking to loot Iraq’s wealth and finance . . . by sending their oil companies to Iraq."

(Iraqi foreign minister Mohammed Saeed Al Sahhaf denouncing the UN Security Council reslution that could ease Gulf War sanctions if Baghdad cooperated with a new weapons inspection team)

*** "IF THE Israelis do not want to dissolve, let them go and found a state in Alaska . . . and I will be the first to visit them and offer them my support."

(Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi offering advice to Israelis during debate with Arab intellectuals which was broadcast live on Libyan and Dubai television)

*** "WELL, I’VE always been a ‘broad,’ now its a great honour to be a dame."

(Acting legend Elizabeth Taylor reacting to receive the title ‘Dame’, the distaff equivalent of knight, bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth II)

*** "THERE ISN’T going to be a human race in 1,000 years."

(Ian Angell, professor at London School of Economics, doubting that humanity will survive another millennium in his forthcoming book on future)

*** "THERE WERE no gas chambers at Auschwitz; I will not change my opinion."

(UK historian David Irving saying there is no evidence that six million Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis at Auschwitz, the ‘fake’ Nazi death camp)

*** "WE HAVE begun to see how those who wish to be in power solicit support from our enemies to further their interests. These foreigners are ready to help in the hope that those they support would repay by allowig them to control the country . . . Let the people suffer, the economy deteriorate and foreign powers colonise a country as long as democracy is practised."

(Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Muhammad’s Eid-ul-Fitr’s message warning of attempts to recolonise the country)

*** "THIS WILL ensure our kids stay healthy, teach them the taste of proper French food, and help keep our small farmers in business."

(Andre Trigano, Mayor of small town of Pamiers which became the first in France to ban franchise and mass-produced meals in its sole school canteen)

*** "I AM tired of people ‘discovering’ who I am. I’m me. And I am no longer prepared to accept being seriously introduced as simply someone’s son. I’m an individual, not a social souvenir."

(John Brandon, the son of Australia’s greatest cricketer Sir Donald Bradman, in a newspaper article prior to he changed his name to Bradsen in 1972. He reclaimed his family name recently after living under an alias for almost three decades to avoid what he called media and public attention)

*** "WHEN AND if the CTBT comes into force, every state will be bound to refrain from conducting any nuclear tests. If the treaty comes into force and another state conducts a test, Pakistan will have the option to do so irrespective of whether it has signed the treaty or not."

(Pakistani foreign minister Abdul Sattar calling for an understanding of the CTBT and the need for a debate over signing the Treaty)

*** "PAKISTAN CALLS upon the international community and human rights organisations to pressurise India to end its policy of brazen repression and honour the legitimate rights of the people of Kashmir, including their inalienable right to self-determination."

(A statement issued by Pakistan’s foreign ministry condemning arson committed by Indian security forces in held Kashmir. Over 80 shops were gutted in the blaze)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam