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By Syed M.Aslam
Jul 17 -23, 2000

*** "POSTMEN WHO have to deliver to places where there are no roads could use them. We have also had some interest from the local police force."

(Professor Rustem Enikeyev, a member of project which designed petrol-driven walking boots for the Soviet army to take strides of up to 4 meters and accelerate to a speed of around 25 mph. The platform shoes on pistons strapped to the calves will be mass produced and sell for $ 377)

*** "THAT'S PURE blackmail. I'll certainly not pay anything."

(Johannes Asamer, one of many Austrian industrialists, refusing to contribute to a $ 415 million fund to compensate surviving Jewish and other slave labourers of Nazi-era Austria)

*** "PEOPLE DON'T refuse to board commercial airliners because there have been a few crashes, and the cruise ship industry didn't die when the Titanic sank, so why do people insist on associating modern airships with the Hindenburg?"

(Chief pilot of the newest German zepplin, Scott Dannneker, launched this week to mark the centennial of airship travel. The Hindenburg, filled with flammable hydrogen instead of harmless helium, was burnt in 1937. Zepplins, the lighter-than-air airships pioneered by German Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, transported thousands of people from Germany to Brazil in the 1930s)

*** "YES, IT IS. But the situation in Pakistan is such that a very few, if at all any country in the world, have faced. It is such a grave situation that you cannot sort it out without a draconian law."

(Farooq Adam Khan, Prosecutor General of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), saying that nothing shorter than the tough anti-corruption law imposed by the military government could have worked in the country)

*** "I CALL ON your organisation to reveal the sources of your million-dollar campaign so Americans can understand the real voices in this critical debate, not special interests cloaked in secrecy."

(US Vice President and presidential hopeful, Al Gore, challenging a pharmaceutical industry-backed group, critical of his medical care plan for the elderly, to make public its list of donors)

*** "WE HAD oligarchic capitalism. Now, they are ushering in police capitalism."

(Editor-in-chief of Moscow-based daily 'Izvestia', Mikhail Kozhokin, summing up the performance of Russian President Vladimir Putin's first 100 days in office)

*** "THERE IS more criminality in the financial sector than we thought. I deny that we have been uncooperative. If you read these accusations, you'd think we are a country of evil."

(Mario Frick, Prime Minister of small off-shore banking haven Liechtenstein in the land-locked mountains on Switzerland's eastern border. Last month the world's richest nations placed the municipality on a blacklist of countries that have failed to cooperate on money laundering. Banking make up 40 per cent of Liechtenstein economy)

*** "WE ARE NOT proud of that part of our history and apologise for any involvement by our predecessors at The Courant in the terrible practice of buying and selling human beings that took place in previous centuries."

(Daily Hartford Courant, Connecticut admitting that it profited in the 1700s and 1800s by publishing ads for the sale of slaves and the recapture of runaways. It said it felt compelled to offer a front-page apology)

*** "THESE ARE WONDERFUL animals that have survived for hundreds of millions of years almost unchanged. We must now allow just one generation of humanity to needlessly eradicate 400 million years of evolution."

(Peter Benchley, author of best selling book 'Jaws' and hit film base on the same book, advocating shark-conservation)

*** "IT IS the potential for conducting financial transactions online that presents one of the most significant vulnerabilities to money laundering at present."

(The report of Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, a group established by the world's seven richest nations in 1989, which said that the online transactions on the Internet let the money launderers escape undetected)