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Jul 10 - 16, 2000

Askari Bank spearheading its way towards E-commerce.

Askari Commercial Bank, despite being a new entrant in the Banking World has acquired an enviable position in this field. It is one of the leading Banks in Pakistan providing most modern services to its customers and is spearheading its way towards E-commerce

A dominant player in Pakistan's financial services industry, Askari Commercial Bank ltd. (ACBL) delivers high quality products in a modern and cost effective manner. The bank conducts business in retail and corporate segments, providing full range of commercial banking services.

One of the corner stones of Askari Bank's success strategy is the effective use of modern technology. The first ever Bank to offer internet banking services in Pakistan is spearheading its way towards being a being a truly b2b (business-to-business) and b2c (business-to-customer) e-commerce environment. A complete list of bank's products, financial performance history and even account opening action form can be downloaded from www.askaribank.com

Askari bank offers on-line real time banking service allowing its customers to conveniently access funds from any of the Bank 's Branches and do away with the hassle and risk of carrying cash while traveling 24-hours ATM services under the brand name "Ask Cash" anre being offered and have now become synonymous with Askari Bank's commitment to offer new and innovative service solution to its clients. This network which now totals 25 ATMs country wide draws tremendous strength from the strategic alliance between Askari Bank and ABN Amro, to share each other ATMs through a switch arrangement (the first of its kind in Pakistan) allowing clients of both the Banks to access funds through an ATM of either Bank. Recently, Habib Bank Ltd has also signed an MOU to become a member of this switch.

Askari Bank also offers 24-hour integrated telephone banking facility under the brand name "Askari Link". Customers can make balance enquiries an order statements etc from the comfort of their home and office. The bank has also recently become a member of swift (society for world wide interbank financial telecommunication), allowing for exchange of messages and funds transfer electronically, world wide , thereby enhancing its clients' ability to transact international business speedily and efficiently. Askari Bank stands committed to provide maximum value to its customers through a strategy of sustainable and balanced growth and to fulfill its claim of being your Bank for the new millennium.

'Pakistan's Image — Reality and Distortion, Fact and Fiction'

"Reforms under way to improve country's image" Javed Jabbar

The Federal Minister for Information, Media Development and National Affairs, Javed Jabbar, said the government has launched a reform programme to improve country's image within and outside the country. He was addressing a seminar on 'Pakistan's Image—Reality and Distortion, Fact and Fiction' organized by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP).

Jabbar said, "The present (military) government has not curtailed the freedom of the press after assuming power. The government's belief in the freedom of expression can be gauged from the fact that it has abolished newsprint quota which was used as a tool to suppress the press."

Jabbar said, "The government plans to mobilise Pakistanis living in North America, Europe and Middle East to play their role in rebuilding country's image tarnished by India and anti Pakistan forces." The corporate sector could do a lot in this regard. The programme includes maintaining excellence in standards of products and services exported from the country.

The western media blames Pakistan for drugs trafficking, terrorism, fundamentalism and discrimination against children and women and paints Kashmir struggle as terrorism. But it did not give any space to the steps taken by Pakistan for stamping out opium and ensuring equal rights to women and wiping out terrorism in all forms. There is a need to convince the foreign media that the struggle of Kashmiris is not terrorism but a fight for their basic human rights.

He said despite all weaknesses, including low rate of literacy, poor standard of health and lack of safe drinking water, Pakistan has tremendous potential that is evident from the fact that it has tested a nuclear device. After the secession of East Pakistan the 'Two Nation Theory' has emerged more powerfully and every Pakistani is proud of his/her identity.

Earlier, MAP President Moin Fudda explained the objectives of the seminar.