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Jul 10 - 16, 2000

Syed Fazle Hasan, Director/Dean Asian Management Institute, is a qualified educationist and business professional. Since January 2000, he has been working for AMI. Before joining AMI, he has a number of educational and professional achievements on his credit. His valuable experience of working in different prestigious organizations helped him to run Asian Management Institute (AMI) successfully. Last week in his interview to PAGE, he enlightened the diversified dimensions of his Institute.

Asian Management Institute Iqra University, established in 1997 aimed at to maintain the tradition of excellence and credibility in education and research. With its main campus and Clifton campus, it is offering diversified courses to produce career and job oriented graduates in the country in order to cater the need of skilled professionals in different fields.

Talking to PAGE, Syed Fazle Hasan, Director and Dean said, AMI is basically established to fulfil the gap by public sector Institutions because our country needs a large number of professionals and skilled manpower. Answering the question he said, AMI is unique from rest of the private institutions because unlike others we rely on permanent faculty rather than visiting and temporary as practised by other institutions. We provide full time counselling opportunity to the students which create a sense of belonging and interaction with the teacher and focused them towards their studies.

He denied the perception of AMI as a money making organization, AMI also provides financial assistance to the students who can not afford to pay the fee. For the same purpose, AMI offers 100 merit scholarships for deserving students. Explaining about another distinctive feature he said that AMI has a purpose built facility because it housed in a building which was exclusively designed to be an institute. This building comprises well equipped computer labs, library and hardware lab for the students, he added.

Talking about the charter granted by the Chief Executive and Sindh Government Iqra University by the Iqra university ordinance 2000 which will provide permanent legal basis to the university. The wide spread uncertainties among students will come to an end with this ordinance and management could now devote their sheer concentration on their work which was stopped after lapse of its university charter in 1999.

Answering the question, Hasan said that in this era when dozens of Business schools are producing large number of business graduates only those would survive who produce quality graduates. AMI does not only provide education but also assist them towards employment opportunities and career planning, an exclusive Placement department is functioning for this purpose which maintains liaison with hiring organization throughout the year.

AMI also realizes the growing needs of computer professionals in the country, our IT department with its top notch full-time faculty is striving to fulfil the requirement of ever growing world of IT. He further mentioned the plan to launch a training of trainers programme for summer 2001 where expatriates Pakistani, IT experts from US and Canada would be invited to train the locals about latest IT technology and education in order keep abreast with them with current changes. Besides this AMI is offering BCS and MCS programmes also specialization in IT.

We are trying our level best to establish immense infrastructure and facilities to the students which will help them to focus their attention to the studies and cooperative environment which will further polish their inner talents.

At present, AMI is offering comprehensive business, IT and fashion designing but in near future we are intended to launch law, electronic engineering , business economics and bachelors degree in financial economics. Hasan said, Pakistan's economy heavily dependent on export of textile goods, so on its part, AMI is intended to design programme for the professional training to boost up the quality of export which will result in a value added products.

Talking about future plans Hasan said that our top future priority is a software development and from fall 2001, a sizable amount of funds for its development. AMI is also emphasizing on the export oriented business organizations in general and textile industry in particular. We believe in quality and continue to strive for the progress of country on our part.

He said that prospective students should keep the core facilities, infrastructure and standard of education in mind while selecting an institution. They will find AMI beyond their expectations by means of all.