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An interview with Bilal Rashid, Registrar Asian Management Institute

Jul 10 - 16, 2000

Since its inception Asian Management Institute continued its growth and expansion to promote quality education in the country. After immense success in Karachi, AMI is going to start its operation in Lahore and Peshawar by the end of September 2000, said Bilal Rashid, registrar AMI. He further said, we are also planning for Faisalabad and Islamabad with purpose premises. The recent success is being granted the charter by Chief Executive, General Pervez Musharraf and Governor of Sindh, Mohammadmian Soomro, vide Sindh Ordinance VI of 2000 under the name of Iqra University is the confirmation of the quality of higher education of AMI.

Bilal Rashid said, as part of our commitment to the cause of quality education in Pakistan, we have made it a policy to house our facilities in purpose-built campuses. Our main campus, the first of the many campuses of AMI was started in a building constructed on 5 acres of prime land in Karachi. Even when we have had to rent buildings, it is part of our policy to move the facilities into our own purpose-built campuses as soon as possible.

Discussing the uniqueness of the institute, Rashid said that contrary to other business schools, we positioned ourselves as university rather than an institute with diversified faculties of Information Technology, Business Administration, Fashion Designing and Associate Degree Programme. In near future AMI is likely to start programmes for Law, Applied Economics and Telecommunication.

Talking about Placement Department, a separate unit aims to assist the students in career planning and access to information regarding employment opportunities. This Placement Department helps the students to get employed in a reputable organization. He further said, we are working with software houses, banks and other reputable organizations of high profile in this regard. This department establishes and maintain appropriate relationship between the employer and the university.

Our comprehensive programme concerning computer education will help the country by producing qualified and competitive professionals. In collaboration with Sindh government an IT training programme is also under consideration. A unique MCS programme for working executives is likely to start in a couple of months. The computer science programme of AMI is absolutely responsive to the growing needs of computer professionals in different fields and organizations, he added.

AMI believes in education for all meritorious youth. For the same purpose we not only assist the deserving and needy students with our scholarship programme but Loans and number of financial concessions are provided to carry on their study programmes without any hurdle.

Talking about employment saturation in Pakistan, he said, this is an IT era and value added products are demanded everywhere specially in IT, so we should produce more equipped and skilled manpower who can meet the requirements of the market. More than 50 to 60 per cent of IT and other professionals do not prefer to work in Pakistan. However, this should be treated as challenge than a threat. Just as in 1970s, Pakistani professionals went to the Middle-East in search of jobs and their earnings brought an overall improvement in quality of life in Pakistan, now the trend is towards North America and Western Europe. AMI is also making its effort to face the challenge of producing professionals that can deliver at the international levels of quality.

AMI is offering number of different courses, IT and computers have already been discussed besides this Fashion Designing and Associate Degree programme are also being offered. All courses are designed in view of latest changes and demands of market. AMI plans to add other faculties that can enable the youth to have greater options.

AMI always emphasized on permanent basis faculty which comprises highly skilled and learned teachers. In comparison our faculty comprises very low proportion temporary or visiting teachers which is definitely a unique feature of AMI.

Bilal Rashid said that we are committed to provide the society with high degree education, we will continue to work on the development of the students from this platform.