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By Syed M.Aslam
Jul 10 - 16, 2000

*** "WHOEVER IS the next president of the United States should know that here is, and here will be, Cuba with its ideas, its example and the unconquerable rebellion of its people."

(President Fidel Castro addressing the first rally since the homecoming of six-year-old shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez saying that all aggression and attempts to suffocate Cuba to put it on its krees by the US will be defeated)

*** "DIGGING AN artesian well for the U.S. army usually happens on U.S. territory or a U.S. base. As Jordan is a sovereign Arab country, digging well on its soil for U.S. forces is a diminution of sovereignty."

(Jordan's leftist and opposition parties protesting against advertisements placed by U.S. Army inviting bids to build a water well along the Iraq border)

*** "THE OIC was established with the objective of uniting the Muslim nations . . . Why have we failed? . . . Perhaps we should now emphasise more on issues of common interest rather than those that divide us."

(Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar of Malaysia, which hosted the 27th meeting of Organisation of Islamic Conference, urging the 1000 delegates and foreign ministers from 56 member countries to reject outdated, irrelevant and one-sided issues to focus on united efforts to face future challenges)

*** "WE SHOULD USE the possibilities available to show people who do not deal with us properly that they should be aware we will not be available for their plans."

(Leader of Austria's far-right Freedom Party suggesting delaying of EU decision making as long as a freeze on bilateral contacts remained in place)

*** "EVEN AS we write, no doubt plotters are plotting and planners are planning on how best to silence the media and keep far from the public's ears the many truths that await the telling. The government must come to terms with the reality that we are in the new information age. Relying on old-fashioned repression of the press will get them nowhere."

(Editorial appearing in Daily Sunday Times of Sri Lanka two days after the Supreme Court ruling that government censorship on the media was illegal. The censorship was re-imposed just a day after the appearance of the above editorial)

*** "THE ESTABLISHMENT and implementation of a Palestinian state on the territories occupied by Israel on June 4, 1967 will happen on September 13."

(Salem Zane, head of 129-member Central Council of Palestine Liberation Organization announcing plans for the declaration of an independent state this year at the end of the period fixed by Palestinians and Israelis under the 1993 Oslo accords)

*** "THIS IS more than teenage rebellion. She blames the fortune for the unhappiness of her mother in particular."

(Chris Hutchins, author of recently published book Athina: The last Onassis, who says that the 15-year-old grand-daughter of Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis hates the fame that comes with the $ 1.5 billion she has inherited and is trying to give the money away)

*** "THERE WAS A TIME when we could rely on the good Lord to look after us when we got older, but now we realise we have to help him along a little . . . these days we have no alternative but to put some of our faith in shares."

(Sister Helene, a member of a group of old nuns in dire financial straits, playing the stock market in Paris)

*** "DELAY TENDS to make these things worse, not better. Action does have its perils, but so does inaction."

(President Bill Clinton calling a three-way Middle East summit on July 11 at Camp David to seal a peace-deal between Israelis and Palestinians ahead of September 13 deadline agreed by the two parties in 1993)

*** "THEY TOLD me I hadn't proven my theory. They took away my lab and put me in the basement. They threatened me and said if I couldn't renew my finding I was out."

(Kilmer McCully, the recipient of prestigious Linus Pauling award for his contribution to medicine, recalling the systematic suppression of his theory to reduce heart disease for a quarter century since his days as a young Harvard research graduate in 1969 due primarily to drug firm profits and politics of medical research)