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Jul 03 - 09, 2000

Asian Management Institute was established in 1997 and its classes were started on 1st January 1998. Within a very short span Asian Management Institute/ Iqra University has emerged as one of the best and leading professional educational institution across the country.

LEGAL STATUS: Iqra University the parent institution Asian Management Institute is one of the leading and well-reputed university legislated by the Iqra University Ordinance 2000. (Sindh Ordinance No. VI, of 2000) which has provided firm and permanent legal basis to the establishment of Iqra University. Through this ordinance, Iqra University confers honorary degrees or other distinctions on approved persons in the manner prescribed. And affiliate it or associate with other institutions and establish faculties and teaching department to discharge its functions and responsibilities for the betterment of education beside provide and support other facilities for education professional training and research.

The Iqra University can also affiliate and disaffiliate educational institutions and inspect such institutions or associate itself with other selected educational training and research institutions, provide them with services and facilities for the effective discharge of their functions and responsibilities and determine teaching methodology, techniques and strategies in order to ensure the most effective educational training and research programmes and receive and manage property, grants, bequest, trusts, gifts, donations, endowments and other contributions made to the University and to invest them in such manner as it may deem fit.

INFRASTRUCTURE: The campus of Iqra University's AMI is spread over 5 acres of land adjacent to Defence Housing Authority on Shaheed-e-Millat Road Extension. It is a custom built building. The campus is easily accessible. It has fully carpeted and air-conditioned classrooms, state of the art computers lab, well stocked library, and very well equipped large sports complex, ample car parking and lush green environment. AMI is currently offering BBA (Hons.), MBA, MBA Executive, BS (CS), MS(CS), Executive MS(CS) & Marketing Plans are already afoot to add a number of new faculties.

AMI/IQRA University has come a long way during its two years of existence. It has an impressive record in every way.

Mission and Objectives: AMI/IQRA University commits itself to achieving par excellence quality of academics by providing highest standards of education, professional training in Business Management and Information Technology. AMI aims at producing graduates possessing excellent leadership qualities and managerial skills to enable them to take on the challenges of competition and globalization successfully.

CLIFTON CAMPUS: The Clifton campus adjacent to the Clifton beach is yet another milestone of Iqra University, and went into its first academic session from May 2000. Clifton Campus is an extension of Iqra University main campus. Clifton Campus will also maintain a high standard education and friendly and congenial relation between the students and teachers, which are the hallmark of Iqra University. Clifton Campus Iqra University has started a unique programme, Associate Degree Program (ADP), and Bachelor in Fashion Design. The courses introduced at Clifton Campus, have been designed in the light of the market demand. Before introducing the new courses at the Clifton campus, a team of researchers had surveyed the market to understand the demand of knowledge and skills to required to equip them the youth latest tools of success.

FACULTY: Need for a competent faculty could not be over emphasized. Iqra University/ AMI faculty consist of foreign and Pakistan qualified teachers with PhDs and masters degrees from foreign universities, IBA, ICMAs, mostly the permanent faculty and few a visiting/adjacent faculty members. All these teachers have long teaching experience. Iqra University offers an opportunity for rewarding long association. Recently Syed Fazle Hasan former director IBA Karachi joined as a Director & Dean at Iqra University. Iqra University has eight PhDs in Business Administration and related fields as permanent faculty members. Most of them foreign qualified.

TEACHING METHODOLOGY: The teaching methodology is comprised of lectures, quizzes, classroom presentations, assignment, term papers, case studies, multimedia presentations internship and fieldwork. The students have to submit research papers on the basis of small projects to get the degree. Computer is essential tool of business education. Iqra University has four fully air-conditioned well-equipped computer laboratories with free Internet access thereof enhancing their capacity for research work.

INFORMATION RESOURCE CENTER: It is great honor for Iqra University that it has a fully computerized and automated Information Resource Centre, which houses 5000 books and subscribes 70 national and international journals for the users. Information Resource Center is open to students in accordance with the Library Schedule. It is located in a spacious Library room on second floor. The facility of using text database of articles, selected from the local newspapers is also available for the students and researchers. An Internet and web facility has been provided to search required materials from other national and international data warehouses. A stimulating congenial atmosphere prevails for study and research.

CENTER FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: The Center for Research & Development (CRD) has been established at Iqra University. The center will work with resources from various disciplines in Sindh and throughout Pakistan. In addition, the Iqra University/Asian Management Institute at Karachi, have qualified faculty already conducting research (individual basis) in selected areas with the participation of Iqra university students. The center also has a bank of resource persons who are experienced researchers, consultants and trainers in selected fields. A modest collection of books, publications, newspapers, on-line Internet connectivity and e-mail services are available for reference at the Iqra University information resource center.

The main purpose of Center for Research and Development with the objectives to introduce modern interdisciplinary approach to the study of socio-economic issues within multifaceted governmental and non-governmental organizations. The center is committed to explore issues in selected areas, conduct in-depth studies, examine causes, project these issues, and propose policy recommendations. The center will collect information and conduct research on different dimensions related to the socio-economic situation affecting human development prevailing in Pakistan and South Asia.

Center for Research & Development aims to verify and authenticate assumptions, examine realities with logic, facts and figures, make recommendations, and urge the government and vested interest groups to enforce policy changes and introduce reforms. The center will also provide consultancy to government and non-governmental organizations, including multinational and international organizations, within and outside Pakistan. The scholars and students at the center are trained in performing research using state-of-the-art computational methods, tools, and facilities available at Iqra University.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND COUNSELING: Students are assets of an university, Iqra University/Asian Management Institute like to see its assets elevated in the market, for that purpose career counseling is provided to students. A separate section works directly under Registrar Iqra University for providing career counseling through seminars, workshops, and presentations by employers. The placement department work to bring employers to campus organizes career fairs. Placement department providing employment assistance and project guidance for all P.G. students. The cell is provided with a separate computer system where a data bank of all prospective employers together with a data bank of students is maintained. It also aims at conducting statistical studies for employment prospects in various courses for students of Iqra University, which may work as an indicator for the quality of our outgoing products.

Reputable personalities from outside have been invited to motivate and help students in bringing about positive changes in their personalities. Iqra University wants to make well-groomed and responsible persons from its students.

STUDENT'S CLUB/SOCIETIES: The students at Iqra University take an active role in shaping current and future life at the Institute. They participate in various functions, field trips, and study tours and sports events. The different societies and clubs promote the quality of student life at Iqra University. It aims at strengthening the communication between students and the Institute as well as building relationships between students, and other business & technology institutions. Every student is a member of the Student society and can participate in all sponsored functions. The societies & clubs works closely with the faculty and administration on matters related to the students.