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For The Record




Information Technology

By Syed M.Aslam
Jul 03 - 09, 2000

*** "THEY WILL BE able to swallow up all the tiny banks, industries and businesses that we possess. In the end we will become like the banana republics of Central America where the managers of the plantations are more powerful than the presidents of these countries."

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad warning the Muslim countries of becoming 'banana republics' unless they unite at the 27th Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers in Kuala Lumpur)

*** "I AM suspicious of novelists who don't declare themselves — on politics, on human relations and on matters like puritanism."

(Reclusive British novelist John Fowles on modern English writing)

*** "THERE ARE about 40 per cent of voters who are not interested or still undecided. It would be fine if they sleep saying they are not interested (in the elections), although that will not happen."

(Gaffe-prone Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori's statement which draw sharp criticism from the media)

*** "DON'T BE suspicious that they (the talks) are intended as a trade off for legal process."

(Indonesian Attorney General Marzuki Darusman pledging to bring the 79-year-old former strongman Suharto to court before August 10 on corruption charges and a possible hand-over of the billions of dollars he amassed during his 32-year-rule)

*** "TODAY WE are learning the language of which God created life. It will revolutionalise the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of most, if not all, human diseases."

(President Clinton, speaking at a White House ceremony to mark the Human Genome Project to map the human genetic code which will allow the doctors to tailor made drugs and to predict who is at risk of certain diseases)

*** "LET'S NOT give too many lessons to other countries. The bottom line is that the western countries think a little too much that democracy is a religion and the only thing you have to do is convert (people)."

(French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine speaking at the world's first-ever international conference at Warsaw)

*** "WE WILL beg no one, we do not need to. We will fight for these principles not because of the sanctions but in spite of the sanctions and in the interest of other small countries who are already part of the EU or want to be a part of it."

(Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel saying that his country would not beg for lifting of the bilateral sanctions imposed by its 14 European Union partners due to the presence of far-right Freedom Party in the coalition government)

*** "WE CAN no longer give globalisation the benefit of the doubt. The results are in, and it flunked."

(Head of the International Labour Organisation Juan Somavia expressing concern that instead of providing any benefit to the developing and poor nations the globalisation has resulted in increasing the poverty as 1.2 billion people worldwide live in absolute poverty today)

*** "THEY REALLY crossed the line. This shows how poorly animals are treated by airlines."

(Spokesman of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, Niels Dorland, supporting the decision to prosecute the Royal Dutch Airlines KLM for grinding up 440 live Chinese squirrels in a meat processing machine. The squirrels arrived at Schiphol Airport in April 1999 without imports papers and proper cages)

*** "IS THAT such a surprising thought to you."

(Fijian coup leader George Speight responding to a question asked at a press conference if he would kill 27 hostages including deposed prime minister Mahendra Chaudhray in case of an army attack)

*** "I'VE BEEN BURNED by the culture of stupid growth that VCs have fostered. Some businesses ought to grow organically. You can't just add water and expect to compete in the mass market."

(Janice Crotty, a US web consultant, holding the venture capitalists responsible for most dotcom failures by forcing them to become too big, too fast)