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The large commercial banks and development financial institutions are currently exploring the possibility of offering finances to textile sector for BMR projects at a floating interest rate. The state bank would evaluate the recommendations of the banks before providing its own input in the textile vision 2005. The financial experts however feel that market forces should be allowed to determine the mark up rates for BMR financing.


The Trade Policy for 2000-2001 sets forth an export target of US$ 10 billion. The strategy to achieve the target include: measures to diversify the export base, emphasis on export of higher value-added goods, efforts to increase the exports of non-traditional items and offering incentives to boost Pakistan's share of top ten textile and non-textile items.

June and July remains off-season for commercial fishing in Sindh irrespective of the fact that it has never been effectively implemented in practice. Is the ban necessary and does it serves a purpose? No, says the chairman of Fishermen's Co-operative Society, Commodore Syed Tayyab Ali. Yes, disagrees the director general of Marine Fisheries Department, Moazzam Khan.

Decrease in internet bandwidth rate by 53 per cent by PTCL was welcomed by the users, but ISPs did not pass on the benefit to the consumers. So far only handful of ISPs transferred it to the users but not to its full extent.

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