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By Syed M.Aslam
Jun 19 - 25, 2000


*** "I WAS always more like a small-time crook than a professor . . . I was a disciplined worker who made the most of a less powerful talent. I considered my talent less profound than most of the others', and I was very lucky and took advantages of my opportunities."

(US comedian, producer, director and script writer, Woody Allen, talking about his success and failings)

*** "IT WILL be an epoch-making event to open a new chapter in national history . . . The meeting itself is intended to change past relations where one side rejected the other as a dialogue partner."

(South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung on the meeting of North and South Korean leaders for the first time in 55 years since the country's division. North Korea gave a written guarantee for the safety of the South Korean president and his entourage of 130 delegates and 50 journalists for the meeting held in Pyongyang on June 12-14)

*** "TONY BLAIR is the man who had it all then threw it all away. He looks around for someone else to blame — the media, the Tories, the Labour party . . . But there is only one person to blame: Tony Blair himself."

(Tory leader William Hague calling Tony Blair, the most arrogant and out-of-touch prime minister Britain ever had. A recent survey shows ruling Labour ratings at lowest level since their May 1997 victory)

*** "HIS LAST words were: 'our destiny is to build a better future for our countries' and then there was a silence and I knew something had happened."

(Lebanese President Emile Lahoud quoting last words of Syrian President Hafez Al Assad. Lahoud said that he was the last person to speak to the late Syrian leader)

*** "YOU KNOW, I am dressed, let's go home. As long as I am dressed let's go home."

(Beloved US comedy legend Bob Hope after he was allowed to leave the hospital. The 97-year-old actor was hospitalised with internal bleeding)

*** "THIS MAFIA-LIKE news machine accuses Iran of involvement in the Lockerbie affair while the US is itself culpable and must go on trial for downing an Airbus and killing nearly 300 over the Persian Gulf."

(Former Iranian President Akbar Hashem Rafsanjani slamming the Western media to implicate Iran in 1988 airliner bombing and referring to downing of commercial Iran Airbus by the US Navy)

*** "THERE ARE all sorts of problems related to lack of sleep at work. But for some reason we see productivity and napping as being at opposite ends of the spectrum when they actually go hand in hand."

(Author of The art of napping at work, Professor William Anthony of Boston University, who says that short afternoon naps significantly improves creativity, energy level and productivity)

*** "THIS CASE could have the same significance for the issuance of credit cards that the Microsoft case has for the computer industry."

(New York anti-trust lawyer Harry S. Davis commenting on the trial emanating from a lawsuit filed in October 1998 alleging that Visa USA and MasterCard International Inc. violated the anti-trust law by limiting competition)

*** "THERE IS a public relations war over missile defence and all's fair in PR wars."

(An un-named Clinton administration official commenting on Russian President Vladimir Putin's trips to Brussels and Rome aimed at creating a split between the US and its European allies about American missile defence plans)

*** "IT IS mind blowing. I've got a police background but this is something you would never comes across in a normal civilisation."

(British investigator Simon Matthews on the mass graves of Kosovars brutally murdered by the Serbs. Since last year 170 mass graves and 2,108 bodies have been uncovered in Kosovo)

*** "WHERE ELSE in the world could you stand on a corner and have people yell, 'Go Home' in every language? Sixty-seven languages in Queens alone."

(US First Lady and Senate seat candidate from New York, Hillary Clinton, tackling criticisms for being a New York outsider while delivering a 20-minute comic monologue as a stand-up comic to a dinner of reporters and political heavyweights in the New York state capital, Albany)