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Dialogic woven into the fabric of most people's daily lives

Jun 12 - 18, 2000

Dialogic, an Intel company, was established in 1983 and public offer was made in 1994. The name may sound new but its products are being used by many. Anil Sabnis, Area Sales Manager, Southwest Asia recently visited Pakistan. Following are the excerpts from an exclusive interview with PAGE.

Dialogic Corporation is the leader in the manufacture of open, high-performance, standards-based, telecommunications and computer telephony (CT) components. One uses systems built with Dialogic products reliably managing billions of telephone, facsimile, and multimedia calls answered by computers over wireless and wireline networks worldwide. Headquartered in New Jersey and with regional headquarters in Japan, Singapore, Belgium, Argentina and People's Republic of China, Dialogic has sales offices and technical support centres worldwide.

As we approached the end of one century and the beginning of another, the communications landscape is changing faster than ever before. Voice mail, e-mail, fax, cellular phones, pagers and PCs are now woven into the fabric of most people's daily lives. Businesses concerned with the bottomline are demanding more effective and economical ways to communicate. The next revolution in communications technology is the convergence of once-separate voice and data networks. This convergence will produce an intertwined landscape of data and voice communications, entertainment, and electronic commerce over both public and private networks. These profound communication changes are creating enormous market opportunities. The demand for equipment that enables convergence will more than double annually over each of the next three years.

Computer Telephony (CT) is at the heart of convergence, combining the power and functionality of computers with the most basic and universal communication tool, the telephone. And no one creates CT components that integrate easily with standard, open systems better than Dialogic. Designed for the global market, Dialogic products have received approvals or are contained in approved systems in more than 60 countries throughout the world. Millions of people use CT technology every day. For instance, CT makes it possible to use a telephone to check bank balances, transfer funds, and pay bills—all without having to walk to a cash machine or speak to a customer service representative.

CT also enables new types of services, like accessing voice, voice mail, fax and other media using the telephone. A PC is used to send faxes from the corporate LAN over the Internet making free local or long distance calls over a corporate LAN, extranet, or the Internet The business world is beginning to recognize CT as the sophisticated hardware and software bridge between voice and data networks. Voice and data equipment vendors are increasingly turning to Dialogic, the global leader in CT, for solutions that enable their service provider customers to offer converged services—voice, Internet, data, and video traffic—on their networks.

Dialogic hardware and software components power the most sophisticated CT applications in the enterprise and public network. Dialogic customers have created a wide variety of industry-leading communication solutions for multinetwork and wireless applications like prepaid calling, follow-me services, two-way paging, voice-activated dialing, voice mail, fax, and talking e-mail. Dialogic customers are also responsible for robust Internet Protocol (IP) telephony applications such as conferencing, call center integration, and Internet phones.

Fax processing automatically places information at fingertips in seconds, routes an endless number of inbound documents electronically over LANs, and offers powerful outbound notification and direct marketing capabilities. Dialogic fax products range from the single-line board to the DM3 Fax Series which provides up to 32 channels of fax processing and an integral telephone network connection on a single board, in a single slot. Fax products include both devices with and without integral telephone network interfaces, offering more effective configuration and cost control. Dialogic high line-count fax can support 60 or more lines of intelligent fax in a single chassis.

The Dialogic family of Fax products—the industry's most complete—enables CT fax processing applications across the widest scale of systems and services, spanning small workgroups to telephone company service nodes. Fax broadcasting, fax store and forward, Internet fax, public telephone fax service bureaus, and enterprise WAN/LAN fax servers are popular examples.

Technological innovation is the key to success in a converging communication world. Recent Dialogic innovations include tools to enable the industry's first open CT servers. The CT server represents a true communication breakthrough, letting end users to choose the best applications and technology from the leading vendors and run them on a single system that shares the underlying hardware.