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By Syed M.Aslam
Jun 12 - 18, 2000

*** "NO FREEDOM, including the freedom of expression, is absolute. It finds its limitation in the need to respect the dignity and legitimate freedom of others."

(Pope John Paul addressing thousands of journalists and their families from around the world at the Vatican City. He called Journalism a 'sacred' profession which should not be guided by profits or ratings but rather be aimed at communicating the truth for the good of all)

*** "SHAME! Whom are you applauding?"

(Untranationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky shouting at deputies during US President Bill Clinton's speech in Russia's lower house of parliament)

*** "THE PAPER is pure cellulose and doesn't smell of anything except bark. It's light brown colour shot through with traces of bark and small splinters.'

(Sune Haggmark and Ann-Mari Remahn, the two Swedish inventors, who have successfully experimented to manufacture paper from elk dung)

*** "IN A MOMENT of stupidity and weakness I allowed Satan and the world to dictate terms to me."

(Disgraced former South African cricket captain Hansie Cronjie's letter to his priest, Reverend Ray McCauley)

*** "MICROSOFT AS it is presently organised and led is unwilling to accept the notion that it broke the law or accede to an order amending its conduct."

(US District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ordering the breakup of Microsoft into two separate companies to right the anti-trust violations the company has been found guilty of)

*** "RUSSIA SEES American plans for an anti-missile system as an attempt to break out to full superiority in the military sphere . . . and we can never accept that."

(Moscow based analyst Nikolai Zyubov expressing Russian apprehensions that US missile defence shield programme would undermine not only 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty but also the spirit of superpower parity that animated three decades of arms control)

*** "THEY BOTH have a capability. Pakistan's may be better than India's, with more weapons and more capability."

(US military and intelligence officials saying that Pakistan has edge over Indian N-capability — having five times more nuclear warheads and also possessing a far more capability to use them)

*** "I HAVE found short-cuts now. I don't think that I am less sharp now . . . but definitely there is a change of approach."

(Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah saying that he is less sharp today though he has discovered ways to get the desired results without actually putting in enormous amount of effort)

*** "0 MONEY IS much more connected to men's self-esteem than women's. When you ask, 'Do you want to be wealthy?' you're likely to get more men saying 'yes' because money is related to how they feel about themselves."

(President of Institute of Psychology and Investing in Newton, USA talking about three surveys showing that men want to be rich more than women)

*** "HANSIE CAME into our room on the morning of the match with a huge grin on his face. He said there was an offer for me to make 15,000 dollars if I made less than 20 and I said yes."

(South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs admitting accepting $ 15,000 from his former skipper Hansie Cronjie to make less than 20 runs in a one-day in India)

*** "HAVEN'T YOU had enough tears, enough pain? Can't you try to resolve the unanswered questions without bringing new sufferings?"

(International Committee of the Red Cross chief in Pristina, Yugoslavia, Alain Kolly, urging the province's feuding ethnic Albanian and Serbian communities to find a peaceful settlement to their traditional disputes. The ICRC has published a list of 3,368 Kosovars missing since ethnic conflict broke out two years ago)

*** "WE HAVE to make sure no discrimination takes place and that the words that are used treat people fairly."

(Jonathan Stevenson, manager of one of Britain's job centres, welcoming banning the use of words such as 'hard-working' and 'enthusiastic' from advertisements which are seen repulsive and discriminatory by the disabled)