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For the Record


For the record
Shahzad Qureshi
AMI — Iqra University
Information Technology
Clustering strategy for software industry
The importance of programming languages

Jun 05, 2000

*** "WHETHER YOU live for 20 years or 50 or 80 or 100, it doesn't take long to live a life."

(US President Bill Clinton speaking at a memorial service honouring 21-year old Casey Shearer, a son of his old friends, who died during a basketball game a week before he was to graduate from Brown University)

*** "WE HYPOTHESISE that job strain not only predicts poor health but also accelerates functional decline over time."

(A four-year study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health that stress and strain of work can have just as negative an impact on women's health as smoking and inactive lifestyle)

*** "HE'S STARTING to talk about it (his mother's death). The picture is right there in the living room. It's a lovely picture of her and he calls her 'pretty mamma.' He now acknowledges that she's gone."

(Reverend Joan Campbell talking on NBC's 'Today' show about the shipwrecked Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez, now reunited with his father, who has finally recognised that his mother was dead instead of 'lost in Miami somewhere and lost her memory and just doesn't know I'm here')

*** "CHILDREN WHO should are scouring rubbish heaps and keeping cool in cesspits, and when they get ill there will be no treatment for them. These are the next generation; and who will blame those who survive to adulthood if they react with bitterness and fury against those they deem responsible?"

(Dr Peter Kundela highlighting the suffering caused to Iraqis, particularly children, due to UN sanctions after his return from Iraq)

*** "HOLLYWOOD ACTORS no longer have any idea about clothes. The men at Cannes looked terrible and the women didn't look much better. It most unappealing."

(Courtier Sir Hardy Amies, whose Savile Row shop used to be frequented by Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, lamenting about the lack of sophistication and style in contemporary Hollywood)

*** "HERE'S THIS idiot who never did anything nice to or for anybody, and yet he's written all this stuff which is supposed to be frightfully good."

(British novelist and poet Kingsley Amis opinion about author D.H. Lawrence in a letter to a friend in a recently released book 'The Letters of Kingsley Amis' )

*** "IT WASN'T a very well-balanced meal she threw at me . . . It shows people feel very strongly about food and food issues."

(US Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman after he narrowly escaped being hit in the face with a pie by an animal rights activist Tuesday)

*** "WHEN IT comes to political money, this is a period when Rome is burning and McAuliffe is the fiddler."

(Fred Wertheimer, head of US non-profit group Democracy 21 dedicated to track the influence of money on politics, commenting on fund raiser Terry McAuliffe who raised $ 21.3 in one night for Democratic presidential nominee, George W. Bush)

*** "I WANT to see if I can operate a vessel outside the 320-kilometre international shipping limit and take advantage of international law to allow patients access to a peaceful death."

(Philip Nitschke, Australia's infamous 'Dr Death' who has assisted in the death of four persons, announcing his plans to bypass national law by performing euthanasia on a ship anchored in international waters)

*** "ONLY A POLITICIAN speaking from a position of deliberate ignorance could describe the modern Oxford University as representative of 'an old Britain where what matters more are the privileges that you are born with, rather than the potential you have.'"

(Opposition Conservative leader William Hague slamming Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott for his anti-elitist campaign against Oxford and Cambridge universities warning the top universities to open their doors to more disadvantaged students)

*** "FOR THE first time, rats have gained a new liver, an absolutely new and healthy liver, which functions exactly like the old one."

(Marat Istleuov, pro-rector at Kazakhistan Aktyubinsk state medical academy in Atkobe, saying that the scientists had grown a liver from cells extracted from the embryos in rats. The experiment could have important consequences for humans)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam