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JAZZ, Prepaid mobile phone

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By Faraz Siddiqui
May 29 - June 04, 2000

Now mobile for every one

Mobilink is one of the leading name in cellular phone services in Pakistan and world over which always maintains a tradition of excellence and superiority in its services and products. It always looks towards the convenience and comfort of their valued customers by providing them stunning packages. The organization always keeps it's eyes open on the technological changes and the changing demands of their customers. One more step forward, Mobilink GSM launched its new product JAZZ, a very first prepaid mobile phone service in Pakistan. For the launching of this new package, a press conference was held on the 13th of the last week.

Graham Burke, the President PMCL Mobilink said that this phone service has got already immense success in developed countries like America, Japan. Now by keeping the convenience of our customers in mind we are going to launch in Pakistan for the first time. A consumer must have convenience, control and freedom to use the product, he added. He explained that JAZZ's Intelligent Network (IN) based system is the most expensive and most advanced platform available in cellular phony today and some about 250 million subscribers are using it world wide. So far, there are only 30 network operators in the world who have invested in an IN platform. Mr. Bruke further said, it was a major decision to make such a high investment but Mobilink believes in the convenience of their customers by providing them most sophisticated IN services.

Graham further said, Mobilink always aimed at the convenience of their customers, it has invested about 150 million dollars in Pakistan since its inception to provide the public with sophisticated ISO 9000 certified services at reasonable cost. Mobilink will continue to invest in future in order to avail the growing opportunities in the market. This package basically based on 3 Cs that is Cost, Control and Convenience of the consumers. He also thanked his employees for the persistent and selfless efforts for the projection and success of the organization.

Mr. Pervaiz Abbasi, Director Sales and Marketing said further to bring forward the 3 Cs, this service is easily affordable by customers from all walks of life. By using JAZZ, you can also become one of the millions of valued customers, who are preferring to use the latest technologies, want superior voice quality, value added services , convenience and cost control.

Explaining the reasons for launching the prepaid mobile phone service, he further said that Mobilink wants to penetrate into the new segments of market. Today's customers are more price conscious and want products with competitive price which require low or no altogether deposit. JAZZ offers low entry cost, pay only when you use it and the most important is the affordable tariff. It targets almost all the segments of market from business executive to a common man.

Answering the questions, Graham said that Mobilink will provide proper training programmes to its employees in order to make them more aware of their responsibilities. Graham denied that company is going to reduce the prices because PTCL has not reduced its tariffs to mobile phone companies.

JAZZ scratch cards are easily available at all sales centers of Mobilink GSM with different denominations and validities. To make life simple and hassle free for the customers, prepaid system do not offer for call details, JAZZ is following this global trend. It also offers the CLI and Voice Mail services to their consumers.