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SAMW Online: The ISP with an IQ

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By Faraz Siddiqui
May 29 - June 04, 2000

Internet services should be inexpensive if Pakistan is to be proboted

The world is moving with a supersonic speed in information technology and communication. Nations are running after abreasting themselves to get an edge over more advanced and sophisticated IT structure of their own. Information Technology is the issue of today as well as future, in this era, information load is on the highway of modern sophisticated flow of rapid exchange of information worldwide. But Pakistan is lagging far behind in IT, however in last couple of years the pace has been increased drastically with the emergence of many ISPs in the market to offer as they say better services. Importantly their emergence has resulted in increased competition to the betterment of consumer.

SAMW is one of the recently launched Internet Service Provider and Web Portal to connect Pakistan to the global community worldwide. SAMW stands for South Asian Media Wise. SAMW prefers to call itself a goodwill ambassador for having first South Asian Website with Pakistan emphasis. In global so far, we, as Pakistani could not be presented with all its potentials, opportunities and beauty, SAMW claims itself a step to communicate the another side of Pakistan with a place of glittering young generation and ample opportunities.

SAMWise was incorporated in the US in 1993 as a voice communication company working with organizations like MCI and Sprint. In 1995 SAMW focused on Data communication and by 1998 SAMW had expanded to wide area networking.

SAMWOnline was registered in Pakistan in June 1999. It later applied to work as an ISP. The application was approved in January 2000. It has launched as an ISP and web portal in Pakistan and has plans to launch similar services in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka next month, however Karachi will remain a main desk for SAMW's web portal .

SAMW online claims itself to be an ISP with IQ having edge in technology and knowledge. SAMW also claims to offer lowest internet rates , however it doesn't call lowest internet rates its most distinctive mark. Portal web of SAMW line is the collaborative efforts of professional journalists to provide readers with latest news, updated informations, market positions, stock watch and much much more, vide www.samwonline.com. SAMW seeks to blend knowledge with technology by having sophisticated web portal. User can get needed information at one single place from SAMW's correspondents. SAMW provides opportunity to the reader to chat with favourite personalities.

SAMW has an agreement with Agence France Press to bring the latest news for their user from all over the world .

SAMW aims at to promote and encourage computer and internet use in Pakistan primarily by making the computer and internet affordable for the common man. SAMW believes that internet services should be inexpensive if Pakistan is to be promoted as an IT nation. SAMW realizes that being an IT specialist will no longer be a choice but rather be a compulsion to justify its presence in the market.

SAMWOnline sees itself an intelligent plumber allowing anyone to log into its 'home' portal to find news, information and reviews and previews, lifestyles & entertainment etc. SAMWOnline deals with the concept of personalization of intelligence. At the time of signing up the email account whatever the personal information is submitted by user will remain with portal's own intelligence to determine the personal aptitudes and interest of the user, obvious from his or her browsing, the system has a brilliant ability and tendency to measure personal interests with accuracy. SAMW provides the knowledge exactly what the user needs and shortens the time consumtion by cutting it out to the user's need and enhance the interests. SAMW's web portal is beneficial for public in general and students in particular which can update their knowledge with latest available information.

SAMW has started its operation, now it is for the user to decide if services match its claim . But Now it is imperative to promote the country as an IT nation by increasing the use of computer and IT.