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For the record
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May 29, 2000

*** "THEY CAN record your conversations and forward them to others, delete money from 'electronic wallets', or perhaps rack up huge telephone bills."

(London's New Scientist magazine warning that mobile phones could be the next target of viruses similar to the 'Love Bug' which crippled thousands of computer systems worldwide)

*** "WE HAVE to demand an end to the war against the Chechen people . . . Literature does not turn a blind eye, it does not forget, it does break the silence

(Nobel Prize winning author Guenter Grass slamming Russia's military intervention in Chechnya as 'war without reason, without mercy,' at the annual congress of International Pen, which campaigns for authors' rights and freedom of expression)

*** "I CONVEYED to Sir Rob Young that Kashmir's solution lies only in tripartite talks between India, Pakistan and representatives of Kashmiris."

(Shabbir Ahmed Shah, chief of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party of Indian-held Kashmir, after his meeting with the British High Commissioner to India)

*** "WE DEFEND morally the righteous cause of the Chechens. The utterances by the Russian government are totally baseless."

(Faiz Ahmad Faiz, a Taliban foreign ministry spokesman, commenting on Russia's threat of launching air strikes for backing and training Chechen fighters. He rejected the Russian charges)

*** "WHAT WE want (is) that they extend a hand for peace — we are ready to welcome it- and not to extend their muscles because we have enough of extending muscles."

(Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq al-Shara warning Israel to show restraint and reach for peace after the ending of 22-year occupation by Israel-backed militia, South Lebanon Army, saying that Hezbollah victory could spread to other Isreali-occupied areas such as Golan)

*** "HAH! YOU call them newspapers! I call them filth-mongering news sheets."

(Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga justifying media censorship and defending closing down of two newspapers)

*** "IT'S DANGEROUS to assume that the goals of the private sector are somehow synonymous with those of the United Nations because they most emphatically are not."

(Executive Director of UNICEF, Carol Bellamy, saying that the United Nations must tread carefully in its partnership with the private sector)

*** "THE ACTUAL population of Kashmir would not be counted by so-called authorities as thousands of Kashmiris are displaced, dislocated, (have) migrated, (are) jailed or been forcibly taken away by the army."

(Spokesman of Al Fateh liberation group of Indian-held Kashmir rejecting the census work in the valley and warning the officials and employees of dire consequences for attempting to implement demographic changes)

*** "HEAVY FIGHTING was not raging in Jaffna and Tigers were not pounding the Palaly air base with heavy artillery for the fourth consecutive days."

(Colombo newspaper, Sunday Leader, evading the government censors and reporting the heavy fighting between government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels by qualifying every sentence by saying it had 'not' happened)

*** "ONE THING should not be underestimated — one of the partners for this government programme is a certain Governor Joerg Hoider.'

(Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider warning the EU that its business could come to a standstill unless sanctions imposed over his Freedom Party's participation in government were lifted by end June)

*** "WE WERE so, so surprised. Don't they know Anwar's in prison?

(Anuar Tahir, secretary general of National Justice Party, holding the invitation card send to the incarcerated chief of the party, Anwar Ibrahim, to attend a royal high tea celebrating Malaysian King's birthday on June 3 at the palace)

*** "HE IS a theatrical kind of person. Loves being at centrestage."

(Prof. Brij Lal of Australian National University commenting on the self-appointed prime minister of Fiji, George Speight, a former computer salesman who stormed the parliament)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam