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Information Technology (IT) is not just a buzzword. It is the future and the strategic weapon to survive in the fast changing world — also being influenced by the IT. Pakistan is much behind as compared to its immediate neighbour. To catch-up, the country needs immediate attention to address the key issues, i.e. availability of hardware and software, development of human resources, expansion of communication network and rationalization of tariff. On top of all a pragmatic IT policy to steer the smooth sail.


Once again Kalabagh Dam is making headlines in the National Press. According to a statement the Government was developing a consensus among the federating units for the construction of Dam. However it is advisable that government should give a comprehensive account of its policy before it erupts into another controversy.

South Asian Media Wise (SAMW) is a recently launched ISP and portal web which aims at to provide value added services to the users through their own browser and web portal. They claim to offer the lowest internet services and having first South Asian web site with Pakistan emphasis. SAMW offers a unique package to encourage the internet use in Pakistan by offering not only a fixed fee of Rs 1200 per month for unlimited internet use but has also announced to give free PCs to those who pay the subscription for two years in advance. Through SAMW's web portal user can get the latest news and information with credibly dynamic services.

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