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May 22 - 28, 2000

His Excellency Thomas Lyon, Ambassador Republic of Ireland, visited Griffith College Ireland Karachi Campus recently.

Griffith College Karachi Campus was the culmination of efforts made by a few senior academics and citizens in Karachi who decided to pool their resources and set up a world class college so that the nation could meet the challenges ahead.

Naturally, the choice of Ireland came to their minds as Ireland was proving to be a model growth economy in the European Community. Ireland also has the distinction of basing its magnificent growth on higher education, and Information Technology becoming the largest software developers outside the U.S.A. Ireland also boasts of having the European Headquarters of the world giant Microsoft. Besides, the only Microsoft 'Masters' in Ireland taught at Griffith, the famous Lisa Donaldson.

With this background, Griffith College Ireland Karachi Campus came into being. It was not to be a mere affiliate but an extended campus teaching the same subjects with identical syllabi and the classes were time tabled to run parallel to Dublin so that a student at any time could move to the Irish Campus or vice versa. As the first two disciplines to be offered were to be Computer Sciences [Information Technology] and Business Management Sciences, Griffith College Ireland detailed two of their finer teachers Noel Daly in Business and Carmel Kelly in Computers to Griffith College Karachi Campus.

Addressing the students of Griffith College Karachi Campus, the Ambassador Republic of Ireland said that he was happy to fulfil a promise he had made earlier. He said that Ireland is the second biggest exporter of computer software in the world. He said that despite Ireland having a low economic growth in the past had rebounded during the last ten years with an impressive growth because his country was facing the problem of heavy immigration to other countries. It was only then that Ireland started investing heavily on education which required a lot of expenditure, rather an investment in the people's future. The Ambassador further said that his country was developing closer links between education and business through college campuses where staff and students also operate as partners in small software operating systems. The Ambassador also said that he had already played his part in resolving the long standing visa issue so as to enable the people of Pakistan to visit Ireland more frequently. This he said because he believed that Ireland was a vibrant and fascinating place to visit and that Dublin was a very exciting city. Besides, Ireland would be a great learning experience to visitors from Pakistan as they would be introduced to an altogether new cultural experience and the many finer aspects of Ireland.

Mr. Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Chairman of the Board, Griffith College Karachi Campus in his address while thanking the Ambassador and his wife for accepting his invitation to visit the College said that Ireland is a major leader in education in Europe with 150,000 students and the system created by Ireland was being emulated as far as China. He said that the famous Microsoft Masters Lisa Donaldson was due to visit Griffith College Karachi Campus so that students at Griffith would greatly benefit from the visit.

Mr. Abdullah Hussain Haroon said that in a recent competition held in Karachi, all schools and colleges, including Griffith College, participated enthusiastically with hundreds of students competing. He was happy to note that Griffith was ranked as 4th which was indeed a great victory and honour. He was all praise for the young 'Griffithian' who bagged this accolade proving that Griffith was truly turning out winners right in the very first year of its operation. He also thanked Mr. Anees Hussain who spared no effort in putting things together to make Griffith a reality, Mr. Faisal Mohammed in the Marketing section, Mr. Agha in the Computing Science section and Mr. Irshad Kadir who teaches Law.

Students at Griffith College Karachi Campus also spoke of the high educational standards, quality teaching, impressive faculty, facilities and the warm and friendly atmosphere which made education at Griffith truly "Education for a New Millennium" so rewarding and fruitful an experience.