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Special Report
The Lahore Stock Exchange


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Special Report
Lahore Stock Exchange
Mahomedali Habib

May 22 - 28, 2000

The Lahore Stock Exchange provides its customers the most technologically advanced, fair and transparent forum for the exchange of equities. The LSE plays a leading role in the capital formation process in the county

Since 1994, rapid technological advances introduced by the exchange have revolutionized the securities trading in Pakistan. We were the first to introduce electronic trading systems of international standards within the country thereby becoming the agent of change for the national equities market. By the will of Allah, the exchange has successfully implemented a culture where computer technology now Nns the exchange whether It's trade execution, data dissemination, clearing and settlement, vendor feed systems, the internet gateways or exchangers administrative needs and functions. We facilitate our customers by providing trade related information at their fingertips. To get a feel, visit us at our web site www.lse.brain.net.pk -- the only web site in Pakistan to provide near-real time stock trade data and most up to date company announcements as they arrive!

Our team of highly trained technology professionals is committed to provide investors both large and small the most effective, efficient, fair and transparent marketplace. Our most modern computer systems make it possible for the smallest investor to be treated as fairly as the largest institution. The steps that we have taken towards modernization have been fillly recognized by the Asian Development Bank, the NASDAQ and the Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges.

So if you are looking to invest in the equities market in Pakistan, think of the Lahore Stock Exchange and we handle the rest for you.

The Lahore Stock Exchange

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For more information, please contact:

Public Relations Officer Lahore Stock Exchange 19 Khayabane Aiwane Iqbal, Lahore 54000, Pakistan. Phone: (92 42) 636-8000 e-mail: semsXbrain.net.pk