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Dr. Hassan

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May 22 -28, 2000

Dr.S.A.Hasan by profession is an engineer and educationist with a career of outstanding achievements and honour. He completed his Graduation in mechanical engineering from NED University Karachi, M.Sc in Engineering from University of Edinburgh, also completed his Ph. D from the same University. Dr. Hassan holds diversified accomplishments in the field of engineering, research and education. He has presented 12 Technical papers at national and international conferences, one of his Technical paper at annual Convention of The Institute of Engineers Pakistan, was awarded the Best paper. Besides these he holds number of achievements and awards in his educational as well as in professional career. Presently, he is acting as the President of Federation of Engineering Institution of Islamic Countries, honorary secretary of Pakistan Aeronautical Society and national secretary of I.A.E.S.T.E . He also remained on different responsible positions with honorary appointments. He has got honors and awards from number of countries like UK, Canada, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan etc. He is also a visiting Professor at Navy Engineering College.

PAGE: You are an engineer by profession but you prefer to be called an educationist. Why?

Dr. Hasan: In the beginning of my career, I started as a lecturer in Department of engineering at University of Edinburgh and then the major time of my career has been with research and education, That's why I prefer to be called as an educationist rather than an engineer. But I also worked as an engineer on different responsible positions in various local and foreign organizations, as I am also a President of Federation of Engineering Institution of Islamic Countries.

PAGE: Could you Briefly tell us about Royal Aeronautical Society UK, Pakistan Division?

Dr.Hasan: We started our operations in Pakistan since 1984, and I proudly say that we are the first Asian country in this regard after South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia and Newzealand.

PAGE: What role does it play in Pakistan regarding Aeronautical sciences and education

Dr. Hasan: We are striving to provide our aeronautical engineers with the better and sophisticated knowledge and technology. The student here will be awarded Chartered status which make them valid to work as aeronautical engineers anywhere in the world. we believe in transfer of knowledge in order to make the young generation more aware of the technological changes and advancements. Pakistan Aeronautical society holds conferences, technical lectures and seminars in order to share the knowledge.

PAGE: What do you think about the aeronautical industry in Pakistan?

Dr. Hassan: Unfortunately, most of the industries and activities in this industry are dominated by Government sector despite of having ample opportunities in private sectors. But Pakistan Engineering Complex is one of the organization which is playing it's role effectively in this regard. We must have the established structure for manufacturing which we are striving for.

PAGE:You are also a National Secretary of I.A.E.S.T.E. please tell us about this?

Dr. Hasan: It is basically an Association for Exchange of Students For Technical Experience. The organization aims at to provide students at institutions of high learning with technical experience abroad relative to their studies in the broadest sense. So far we have sent 100 to 120 students abroad to promote their International understanding and goodwill amongst students of all nations

PAGE: You are also The President of Federation of Engineering Institution of Islamic countries. What are the objectives and activities of this Federation.

Dr. Hasan: The main objective of the Federation is to get the engineers of Islamic countries together on a single platform to share the knowledge and to get benefit from the mutual cooperation. So far there are 21 members are included in the Federation.

PAGE: What are your future plans?

Dr.Hasan: Our main priority is to institutionalize the whole infrastructure in order to make the Aeronautical sector more effective and productive. I just want to hand it over to the deserving skilled, qualified and sincere young professional.

PAGE: would you like to give any message to the readers?

Dr. Hasan: the peoples should come forward and play their role in their field of own and all the seniors and authoritative persons should encourage the young blood in the organizations. Young generation should keep their eyes open towards the global changes.