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By Uzair A. Khan, Multimedia Consultant
May 08 -21, 2000

In l994 saw the advent of the first one-stop post-production house in Pakistan. The Carrot Company, founded by Imran Mir, the Carrot Company quickly gained acclaim in providing premium quality in the field of graphics, Animation, post-production and editing. As it was becoming increasingly expensive for advertisers to send teams comprising agency plus client abroad to carry out post production jobs. The Carrot Company effectively filled this niche. This, coupled with the skill of the team behind it, has led the set-up to create some of the best graphics, videos and intimation ever seen in the country.

Armed with the latest technology and a highly talented workforce, Carrot is currently involved in supplying post-production services to a range of blue-chip clients. State-of the-art equipment is being used and upgraded constantly to meet international standards. These comprise full video facilities, latest graphics and editing software as well as high-end equipment used in production.

Competing in a field where survival of the fittest is the game, the top graphic designers, animators and production engineers in the country have been employed and groomed at Carrot. Based in Karachi, The Carrot Company is a panacea for the video and television industry.

Studio facilities: A strong infrastructure for serious creativity. The Carrot studio has been expanded and now spans an area of about 4000 sq. ft. Controlled acoustics complemented by various jibs, track, crane, dolly and lights offers an unbeatable edge to Carrot over its competitors.

Video Production Services: Carrot is offering its services to various television-related projects and commercial campaigns. Today Carrot is equipped with the latest high-end broadcast cameras such as DigiBeta PWV-700 The camera provides high-definition picture quality with digital sound. The commercials produced with this facility prove to be exemplary in the advertising industry.

Graphic Design and Animation. The graphic design and animation department is empowered by the finest animators and designers who are qualified and trained. This department features the latest software such as Alias, Maya, 3-DstudioMax Adobe After Effects, Parallex Matador and others. The department boasts top expertise in 2-D and 3-D modeling, special effects, linear and non-linear editing and compositing. The creations conceived at Carrot are often a technological delight for new and aspiring designers and animators.

The final touch: Carrot has a fully integrated post-production department. This department includes digital uncompressed non-linear editing services for commercials, television programmes and documentaries etc. Recently, the state-of-the-art Matrox DigiSuite has been added. Matrox DigiSuite provides uncompressed video quality output.

Besides Matrox, Carrot is also equipped with a linear BetaCam edit suite coupled with another non-linear suite employing top-of-the-line Video Cube running on Macintosh environment with Power PCs. The entire network is designed to ensure no generation loss. This way there is maximum quality control as well as room for refining the intricate details.

Services offered: For the past 7 years, Carrot has been servicing the television and advertising industries. It has kept up with the demands of a highly competitive local and foreign industry. The finest details are carried out with comprehensive precision. To date, Carrot has produced a multitude of documentaries, videos, musical programmes, and of course, commercials.

Awards: The Carrot Company won accolades whet the Dawn Group of Newspapers won the INMA Award for Best Commercial Design. This commercial was designed and executed entirely by The Carrot Company. This distinction was given to Carrot in an event where there were entries from over 60 countries globally.