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Harvest Topworth International


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May 08 - 21, 2000

Harvest Topworth International (HTW) commenced forex trading from Karachi as a joint venture of locals with Topworth Group of Hong Kong. Mohammed Gulreze Mir is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Over the years, HTW has transformed from a humble forex trading firm into a world class securities and forex brokerage house. HTW specializes in providing financial services to a broad base clientele with headquarters in Lahore. At present investors can enjoy one of the best trading facilities in a multinational environment at Karachi branch and newly renovated Lahore office. In October 1999, the group acquired a seat at Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) and became a corporate member, offering stock brokerage service to the Lahore based investors.

With growing international trade, currency of one country is exchanged for that of another for settlement of a transaction. Institutions and corporations often need a certain currency to complete a transaction or to guard themselves against exchange rate fluctuations. This system involving the exchange of money has resulted in the development of Global Interbank Currency Exchange Market.

Compared with other developed markets, Pakistan has the least percentage of its population being exposed to such investment opportunities. With the Harvest Group, improvement, innovation and growth never stop. Its objective is to offer diversified investment products with better trading opportunities. HTW plans to expand its operations into other developed stock markets of the world such as New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ in US and Hong Kong Stock Exchange and make trading in these markets available even in Pakistan.

The Group also aims at inviting investment funds from overseas investors through its network of offices worldwide to participate in the growing financial markets in Pakistan. The institutions and the fund managers worldwide are closely watching the emerging markets to diversify their investment portfolio.

Harvest Smartrend Securities (HSS) is a new entrant in equity brokerage business in Pakistan. It was established as a joint venture between the Harvest Group of Pakistan and Smartrend International Limited of Hong Kong. It is a full service equity brokerage house. Despite the fact that company is in its early stages of operations, it already enjoy good reputation amongst its competitors.

HSS offers a wide range of services emphasizing quality, accuracy and timeliness, and above all maximum dependability. It maintains two trading facilities in Lahore, one at its own building and the other at LSE building. Both the facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art trading equipment and financial information system and maintains a professional research team. HSS is also registered with the Central Depository Company.

HSS is a participant at the CDC to facilitate its clients in regular settlements and transferring shares through electronic system. This system offers a speedy and efficient service. Besides, the system has helped in boosting the confidence of local investors by minimizing the risk of theft, forgery and duplication of physical shares.

In the era of a globalization, a strong partnership/association is a key ingredient of any organization. Harvest Group is associated with two very strong groups based in the Far East, namely Smartrend International of Hong Kong and Topworth Investments of Macau.

Smartrend International Holdings Ltd., which has a registered capital of US$ 10 million, provides brokerage services for forex and securities trading to its local and worldwide investors through its network of service agents in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region.

Topworth Investments (Macau) Limited (TIL), a member of the Topworth group, is a Foreign Exchange and Bullion Brokerage House with a registered capital of 30 million patacas (equivalent to 3.8 million U.S. Dollars) under the Macau Law to fulfil the requirements of the "Macau Monetary and Bill of Exchange Authority" (Autoridale Monetaria e Cambial de Macau, A.M.C.M.) with the sole objective of safeguarding trust and confidence of the Investors.

HSS offers the investment opportunities in the local stock market to the investors worldwide, especially in US and the Far East region. HTW has actually introduced the concept of foreign exchange trading in the global markets to the investors in Pakistan. Henceforth, creating awareness about the importance of foreign exchange as a hedging tool for safeguarding other investments just like it is being used by all the developed and developing economies of the world. Most important, it has added the missing part of Pakistan's financial services' sector.

The investments pouring in through its overseas partners and other associates is adding liquidity to the local market and adding to the volume in terms of both capital and turnover in our markets. Hi-tech communications and other information systems, enables HTW to get first hand information and then interpret its effect and pass on the analyses to its customers.