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The General Tyre And Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited


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May 08 - 21, 2000

The company was established in 1963. The paid up capital at that time was Rs. 7.125 million. The original sponsor of the company is General Tire International of Akron, USA. The company is the largest manufacturer of tyres in Pakistan it is a broad based public limited company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of a complete range of tyres and tubes for cars, vans, jeeps, pickups, buses, trucks and farm tyres.

The paid up capital of General Tyre Pakistan is presently Rs 170.775 million. The major shareholders of the company are Bibojee Services Limited, Pak Kuwait Investment Company, National Investment Trust and Continental General Tire Inc.

General Tire International USA has links with General Tyre via equity participation and provision of technical cooperation.

In l987 Continental AG of Germany acquired General Tire international U.S.A. The company in U.S.A is now known as Continental General Tire Incorporated.

Continental A.G (which includes all subsidiaries) is ranked 4th largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

General Tyre Pakistan has also been included as one of the top 25 companies on the Karachi Stock Exchange on three different occasions.

The General Tyre factory and head office are located in Karachi whereas Regional offices are located in Lahore and Islamabad. It is the only manufacturer of radial passenger car tyres in the country. These tyres are supplied to Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and Daewoo. All the other major vehicle assembly plants, transport fleets, autonomous organizations, the armed forces and the tyre replacement market are customers of the company.

For operational purposes in the replacement market there is an established dealership network of over 140 dealers which caters to customer needs and covers the whole country geographically.

General Tyre has also ventured into the export market in the last few years. Racing car tyres were exported to England, passenger car radials to Kuwait and Dubai and turck bus tyres to Bangladesh / Nepal.

The company competes in the country with tyres from the world over as well as with other locally made tyres. Smuggled tyres (trucks) mainly come from India. While some car and truck tyres come from Japan and China respectively.

At General Tyre the emphasis is on quality products, quick / efficient after sales service and competitive pricing. The company's product line up consists of passenger car tyres, both bias ( rim sizes 12", 13") and radial ( rim sizes 12", 13" & 14") and are produced in 6 different patterns. Light truck tyres bias type are produced in rim sizes 12" 14" 15" and 16" in 8 different patterns. Truck bus tyres in bias type are produced in 20" rim size in 9 different patterns. Farm tyres are produced in 16", 20", 28" and 30" sizes in 5 patterns. General tyre also produces tubes and flaps.

The tyres are sold under a comprehensive warranty. To provide after sales service the company maintains 3 service centres at Karachi, Multan and Lahore as well as handling claims directly at dealer premises and at OEM's.