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Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd.


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May 08 -21, 2000

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited has been playing an important role in the industrial, economic and agricultural development of the country right from the time of its inception. FFC is the largest manufacturer of urea in the country. Alongwith its own production of Sona Urea (Prilled), it is also marketing Sona DAP and Sona Urea (Granular) being produced by its sister organization, Fauji Jordan Fertilizer Company Ltd (FJFC). Its marketing network is spread over the country and its sales are channeled through about 100 warehouses and 3000 dealers.

FFC, since 1981, has been providing latest agricultural technology to the farming community throughout the country, through Agri. Advisory Services for increasing the agricultural production in general and maximizing the farmers economic returns in particular. Our organization in pursuit of its national commitment and moral obligation maintains regular contact with the farming community and Federal and provincial Research Institutes to ensure a constant and efficient transfer of latest technology.

For this purpose, FFC is providing multifarious farm advisory facilities through its Regional Offices and Farm Advisory Centres. We have one Technical Services Officer based at each 11 Regions spread all over the country. The Company has established two Farm Advisory Centres located at Multan and Nawabshah each having a team of five agricultural experts with integrated approach. These centres have the provision of very sophisticated Soil and Water Testing Laboratories and Mobile Demonstration Units for extension services.

We are providing multifarious agricultural advisory services and so far till 1999 we have laid out 2284 block demonstration plots on major crops, conducted 3500 farmer meetings and 1215 field days by using sophisticated audio-visual aids like crop video films, slides, crop folders and charts etc. Farm visits were made and group discussions held at various locations. We are providing a very precious facility of soil / water testing for all the farmers at a nominal cost and so far 162,800 soil/water samples have been collected from all over the country, analyzed and fertilizer/reclamation reports developed and delivered to the farmers. Soil testing has been viewed as a valuable tool to predict fertilizer needs and to identify soil problems such as soil alkalinity or salinity. Our technical services officers collect the soil samples with the full back up information in order to develop crop and area specific fertilizer/reclamation recommendations based on soil analysis and other related information. This facility will help a lot in balancing the nutrients in our soils for increasing the crop yields and profitability.

FFC also produces technical literature like crop production brochures, aerograms, posters, pamphlets containing latest information on major crops for transferring know - how to the maximum number of farmers. We are also publishing a regular quarterly Agri. News letter in Urdu, which contains important latest agri. information on crop and other relevant agronomic practices for farmers guidance. If anyone is interested, he can get it registered on our mailing list by sending a request in writing and receive a regular copy free of cost.

The Company has conducted four International level Seminars on "Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency" "Rainfed Agriculture" "Agri. Extension" and "Seed". These seminars were attended by prominent scientists from both within and outside the country who developed recommendations for use by the farmers, research workers and policy makers.

FFC remains committed to continue to play its predominant role in development of agriculture in Pakistan by not only supplying high quality fertilizers but also providing Technical Services to the farmers in the years to come, for improving agricultural productivity and increasing their income.