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World CALL Ltd.


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May 08 - 21,2000

Mr. Sadiq Yousaf Yalmaz, Chief Operating Officer, is heading the World CALL Ltd. (W C L), the largest payphone operating company in Pakistan with more than 6,000 payphones all over the country and is a part of World CALL Telecommunication Group (WTG).

WTG is well known for introducing in Pakistan diverse product mix using state of the art technology.

Products of WTG

1. Hello International Calling Card

The latest venture of the group is introduction of Hello International Calling Cards in collaboration with Unitel Limited of United Kingdom, Unitel Communications UK has provided the company's Intelligent Network/Peripheral platforms is also managing its trouble free operations.

In the period of less than a year Hello has created a very good client base and has managed to retain over two third of the total card based prepaid international calling market. Indeed a phenomenal success that has made dialing internationally convenient and economical. WorldCALL Phonecards Ltd. has doubled the capacity of its platform from 60 ports to 120 ports. Hello is also going for STD calling in a month or so.

2. Supervised payphones

Supervised payphones all over Pakistan having the largest market share.

WorldCALL pioneered the concept-supervised payphones or assisted calling in Pakistan.

The company enters a franchising arrangement with small shops or rented outlets located at easily accessible public places.

A smart operated payphones is placed at the franchise's premises for which the company obtains a telephone connection in its own name.

3. Stand -alone payphones

Stand-alone payphones are the unattended roadside payphone booths for which a 22 or 50 unit has to be purchased by the customers. These cards are distributed to retail outlets located near the payphones by the company's sales force.

Stand-alone payphones provide a 24- hour telephone access to customers as opposed to supervised payphones that depend on business timings of a franchisee.

4. WorldCALL Dot Com (Pvt.) Limited

"WDCL" Is the Internet service provider, obtaining license from PTA launched a high quality Internet services in Lahore. It shall soon expand to Islamabad, Karachi and other major towns in Pakistan. The service is being provided in association with Alcatel Pakistan, the turnkey provider of equipment and will be responsible for upgrading and maintenance of the same. A software division is being set up within the WDCL, which shall provide innovative systems solutions both locally and internationally.

5. WorldCALL Wireless Limited (WWL)

Has been recently registered to set up the card payphones service by using the Wireless Local Loop technology. An O&M contract has been signed between PTCL and WorldCALL Payphones Limited, for setting up the subject project of 50,000 payphones using WLL technology.

Pursuant to the agreement, the subject project may be carried out by WorldCALL Payphones Limited itself or alternatively through a new project company.

This US$80 million project, expected to commence operations by the end of May 2000, would be another step forward in the direction of providing to our customers the quality service, convenience and satisfaction WorldCALL is known for and is proud of.