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Allied Engineering & Services Ltd.,........ Your Partners in Progress

May 08 - 21, 2000

Caterpillar started its operation 25 years ago in Pakistan after authorizing Allied Engineering & Services Ltd., to perform as a dealer for the complete range of world-renowned Caterpillar earth moving construction machinery and electrical power generation systems.

Caterpillar products, sold and supported by Allied Engineering, are a leading force in the industry. Allied Engineering is able to provide customers with expert advice on machine/engine selection and in the field Allied provides nationwide parts and service support.

In partnership with Caterpillar and valued customers, Allied Engineering has played and continues to play, a vital role in the development of Pakistan's industrial, transportation and housing sectors.

Allied's Network: Headquartered in Karachi, and also has regional branch offices with full servicing/overhauling facilities at Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad and Peshawar, giving the company true country wide presence — customers are never far from unmatched dealer backup — that has always been the hallmarks of Caterpillar products and services worldwide.

Highly Trained Professionals: Since its founding, Allied has been one-hundred-per cent committed to providing its customers with the highest standards of professional and technical excellence. Currently Allied employs more than 230 highly trained, motivated individuals, every one of them dedicated to serving internal and external customers, and are actively involved in the sale and support of the entire Caterpillar product range.

A team of efficient and qualified professionals support customer confidence with innovative ideas to improve service. Interacting closely with customers, the company utilizes the latest technology, not only providing the best in service but also effective advice on specific selection of equipment to yield optimum results.

Allied Company Profile: Allied Engineering's core business centers around the following areas:

1. Construction Equipment:

The outcome of advanced technology, Cat construction equipment fulfils local needs unmatched by any other.

From the cosmopolitan conditions of Karachi to the barren plains of Balochistan, from the terrain of Peshawar to the lofty heights of Karakoram, Cat translates its know how into customer satisfaction.

Some of our Valued customers include:

Dong Feng, Ghazi Barotha, Saadullah Khan Bros, China Anneng, CAA, Engro Chem, Engro Pak Tank, Fauji Fertilizer, CPC, Pakistan Steel, STFA, Pakland Cement, Saadi Cement, Dadabhoy Cement.

2. Power Systems:

Caterpillar Brand Gensets:

A market leader since the last two decades, Cat has been the source of power to various industrial as well as non-industrial units in Pakistan. Unsurpassed service has earned us valuable customer confidence and we work hard to enhance it day after day.

Caterpillar Olympian Brand Gensets:

After bringing to you the robust and reliable range of Caterpillar generators, Allied now takes pride in celebrating the completion of 7 successful years of Caterpillar Olympian diesel generating sets in small and medium ranges.

Some of our valued customers include:

Siddiq Son Tinplate, Ghazi Power, Din Power, Saphire Energy, Lucky Energy, Karachi International Container Terminal Ltd., Dewan Group, FATA, Gadoon Textile, Fazal Textile, Pak Denim, Paktel, Instaphone, First Leasing Corporation, Orix Leasing, Al-Karam Textile etc.

3. Product Support - Spare Parts:

Regular maintenance and timely availability of spare parts increases the life cycle of machine. At Allied, we endeavour to keep a perfect track record of spare parts supply so that even in an emergency, your needs are fulfilled immediately.

CAT Customers are ensured of the reliability of Allied's back-up support which integrated with Cat quality and efficiency, reduces machine downtime to a minimum. To make this possible Allied maintains huge inventory of Caterpillar supplied genuine spare parts at Karachi and feeder stocks at Lahore and Islamabad.

For immediate supply, maximum parts are maintained in stock whereas those parts that cannot be kept in stock are airlifted from Caterpillar warehouse at GrimBergen, Belgium within 48 hours for emergency needs.

4. Product Support-Service:

Comprising of highly qualified dynamic engineers and competent technicians, Allied's service team shares its expertise and skill with its customers.

Fully equipped with vital service support equipment including special tools, under carriage rebuild machines and fuel injection pump calibration unit, our service technicians help customers streamline their production.

5. Product Support - Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S)

The Scheduled Oil Sampling programme has been developed by Caterpillar, expressly for Cat engines and equipment, Scheduled Oil Sampling maintenance is developed by people who know Cat equipment better than anyone, and who have a vested interest in better performance, longer life and increased customer satisfaction.

No other oil analysis programme is as thorough or as reliable at predicting potential trouble early. We recommend protecting your investment by using scheduled fluid analysis. Our analysis programme is the ultimate detection and diagnostic tool for your equipment, helping you head off potential problems before they can lead to major failures and costly unscheduled downtime. Each Cat S.O.S test provides three specific types of diagnostic tests.

Wear analysis — monitors machine wear by detecting, identifying and assessing the amount and type of metal wear elements found in used oil.

Chemical and physical tests — detects the physical presence of unwanted fluids (water, fuel, and antifreeze) in the oil.

Oil conditions analysis — identifies loss of lubricating properties.

6. CAT Rental Power

Empirically it is proven that electrical power is the lifeblood of a business, without this life activities absolutely cease. It is unwise to rely totally on electric utility power lines. You have to think of an alternative (prime rating) or reliable temporary (stand by) power.

For these special requirements and critical problems Allied Engineering offers an economical rental scheme, CAT Rental Power. Now customers can take advantage of peak sharing without purchasing and installing new equipment. Conditions where operating months and hours are predictable, generator sets can be rented during the season providing year long saving on utility bills, attractive payback without investing capital for the equipment and hassle free operations.

Allied's Rental department is fully equipped with the equipment you need and staff including, qualified engineers to solve your problems and to provide technical assistance and service.

In a small span of time i.e. three years, Allied's Rental department achievements are unmatched.

Some of our customers who have taken advantage of CAT Rental Power include.


Zarak textile.

Proctor & Gamble.

Ghazi Brotha Contractors.

ChenOne Stores.

United Marine.

Memon Group of Industries.

Aladin Park.

Tullow Pakistan.

Artal Poultry International.

Pakistan Air Force.

Liberty Powers

Kehkashan Textile.


Centrales Diesel Export.

Descon Pakistan

Shell Pakistan.

Sind Fine

Currently Allied Engineering has 26 Rental gensets that can collectively generate approximately 5000 Kva of electric power.

7. Used Equipment:

"Anyone can sell used machine, forklift or generating sets, but only Allied Engineering & Services Ltd., your Cat dealer makes it qualified for you."

When you buy a used machine, forklift or a generator from Allied, you're assured of the highest productivity and quality Allied's trained service engineers know Cat products inside and out, and take pride in their inspection and repair processes, including researching previous ownership, application and service records, giving you the highest comfort level in truly knowing what you are purchasing. Most of the other distributors of used equipment just say it is "As is, where is......Customer assumes all responsibility and risk .......No warranties."

Allied Engineering & Services Ltd., your Cat dealer works hard so you receive the best machine, forklift or generator possible when purchasing used equipment by offering warranty on parts and labour.

8. Caterpillar Recommended Oil for Gas & Diesel Engines:

Diesel Engine Oil (CG4):

Cat DEO (CG4) is preferred factory filled oil for new Cat machines and engines, as well as Cat dealer service shops. It is recommended for:

• Cat diesel engines (excluding 3600), including low emission on-highway truck, earthmoving, commercial, and marine diesel engines.

• Cat DEO (CG-4) reduces oil consumption up to 40% over monograde oils.

• Keeps soot suspended with strong soot dispersancy, resulting in cleaner pistons for extended engine life.

• Is tested, certified, and licensed by API and meets other major OEM engine performance requirements.

• Is compatible with OEM low emission engine designs.

• Allows you to standardize one oil for your entire fleet.

• Optimizes oil change intervals, providing strong, soot dispersion and added reserve to neutralize the sulfuric acids that can build up and lead to corrosive wear.

Natural Gas Engine Oil:

Cat Natural Gas Engine Oil (NGEO) is designed to provide superior performance in engines that use all types of gaseous fuel. It has been tested in demanding applications throughout the world and found to be superior to most local brands of oil.

Cat Natural Gas Engine Oil is formulated from select base stocks blended with special additives to provide:

• Excellent anti-oxidation/nitration properties

• Thermal stability

• Reduced carbon and sludge formulation

Cat NGEO improves engine performance and provides maximum protection for vital engine components.

• Protects valves and valve seats

• Reduces piston scuffing, scoring and piston / cylinder liner wear

• Reduces foam and corrosion damage

9. Training:

Allied Engineering is committed to human resource development, enabling us to implement innovative and technically advanced solutions to meet rapidly changing market and customer requirements.

10. Role in National Development:

Allied Engineering has played a vital role in developing major industrial areas throughout Pakistan. These include Nooriabad in Sindh, Chunian in Punjab, Hub industrial Estate in Balochistan and Gadoon Amazai in NWFP. Allied has also contributed to various non-industrial development projects.

Experts have considered Caterpillar to be the industry leader in both sales and service, even competitors speak of its high value. Caterpillar stays in its areas of specialty and strengthens itself by improving its products and services. Its historically high resale value shows that customers value Caterpillar products.

The unique relationship between Dealer, Customer and Caterpillar is well expressed by the yellow triangle in the Cat log. The three corners represent the above 3 partners in business and it is this relationship that sets Caterpillar apart from any competitor.

Caterpillar S.A.R.L.:

For decades Caterpillar S.A.R.L. — previously known as Caterpillar Inc. — has symbolized American industrial might at its best and has reigned as the undisputed world champion in the international market for earth moving equipment. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, caterpillar S.A.R.L., operates in three principal business segments:

1. Designing, Manufacture & Marketing of Earth moving construction machinery:

These include track and wheel tractors, track and wheel loaders, lift trucks, self-guided material handling vehicles, pipe layers, mote graders, wheel-tractor scrappers, track and wheel excavators, back hoe loaders, log skidders, off highway trucks, articulated trucks and paving products.

2. Designing, Manufacture & Marketing of Engines:

These include engines for on-highway trucks, electric power generation systems, marine, and petroleum industrial, locomotive, agricultural, earth moving construction and material handling machinery and other applications.

3. Financial Services:

Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation assist customers in acquiring Caterpillar equipment by offering a wide range of financial services.

Caterpillar Products are sold principally through an organization of approximately 200 full — line independently owned dealerships. This superior dealer organization is the backbone of Caterpillar S.A.R.L., and is the best selling point that Caterpillar offers.

Dealers help customers to select the right product for particular application and keep it working at the lowest possible cost. Dealers supply most replacement parts from their inventories. The combination of dealer stock and the company's network of parts facilities provides machine and engine users with unequaled parts availability, superior, reliable, durable and versatile Caterpillar machines backed by the efficient dealer back-up support provides single source solution to the customer. The consistency of service, parts availability and quality control has sold machine after machine.

Complete Caterpillar Product range:

As the only authorized Caterpillar dealer in Pakistan we are able to supply customers their choice from the entire Caterpillar product line. Whether it be building and general construction machinery; heavy earthmoving, quarrying and mining equipment; road-building and paving machinery, agricultural and materials handling machines, diesel heavy fuel or gas engines for marine, road, rail or static applications; and electrical power generation sets and systems for every need.

In addition for small construction, landscaping and urban maintenance jobs, we offer Caterpillar compact machines.