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May 01, 2000

*** "YOUR DEPARTMENT is doing this to a judge of the SC, you can well imagine the plight of others."

(Justice Bashir Jehangiri of the Supreme Court of Pakistan flashing electricity bill delivered to him two days after the expiry of the due date to the deputy chairman of state-owned utility company WAPDA while hearing the WAPDA-Hubco case)

*** "I THINK we can be quite definite that Pakistan has the largest heroin population. And whatever the total is, it seems to be getting quite a bit worse."

(Head of UN drug programme for South and West Asia, Bernard Frahi, saying Pakistan tops the heroin-addiction list with some 1.5 million addicts)

*** "IT IS not a penalty. It is just an adjustment."

(Official sources commenting on the payment of $ 55 million to the IMF by Pakistan for misreporting of figures by the previous government)

*** "I WOULD say that today is a day of truce, perhaps the only one in the course of these 41 years of confrontation with the United States."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro hailing US agents move to reunite six-year old Elian Gonzalez with his father. Elian's custody has been the centre of rift between the two countries since the shipwreck, and rescue, from the sea)

*** "THE THREE of us grasped on to each other. It was only one hug. But I will remember that moment for the rest of my life."

(Angela Moon, a British woman, who planned a two-week premature birth so that her terminally-ill husband could hold their baby. Her husband died three days after holding his new born daughter just once)

*** "JUST LIKE older people who don't take up regular exercise, children who spend hours in front of computer and television screens are also at risk of developing arthritis."

(Findings of Australian Chiropractors Association that children who spend their free time watching television or playing computer games can suffer from arthritis a lot earlier than those who don't)

*** " 'IMPERIALIST MONETARY Fiend', 'Indigenous Manipulation Fund', 'Spank the Bank.' "

(Placards carried by the protesters in Washington during the meetings of the IMF and the World Bank)

*** "THEY COVERTLY and overtly pour advanced technology in the direction of Israel, which made it easy for Israel to possess massive military nuclear capabilities with the greatest of ease, without any obstacles."

(Syria's UN Ambassador, Mikhail Wehbe, accusing the US for transfer of nuclear technology and secrets to Israel)

*** "WHILE WE prolong the stem-cell debate, millions continue to suffer. It is time to harness the power of government and go forward."

(Actor Christopher 'Superman' Reeve backing human embryo research. The actor who was paralysed in a 1995 horse riding accident demanded the lifting of US federal law banning government funding of research involving such research)

*** "GREED IS the essence (and) the amount of one-day cricket being played has devalued its own importance . . . God knows what's been going on. Maybe even Test matches are fixed."

(Former Pakistani cricket skipper Imran Khan blaming the menace of match-fixing on the increased frequency of one-day matches and reluctance of cricket boards to take action)

*** "UNIVESRE IS flat."

(Conclusions of a study conducted by astrophysicists of Rome University based on cosmic ultrasound)

*** "Lets be clear . . . any modified ABM treaty negotiated by this administration will be dead-on-arrival at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee."

(Republican Senator Jesse Helms, a staunch Clinton foe, threatening to block any arms-control pact with Russia, particularly the alteration of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty before Clinton leaves the office in January next year)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam