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Parveen Kassim

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Parveen Kassim
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May 01 - 07, 2000

Parveen Kassim received her early education at St. Joseph and completed higher education at Karachi University with Hon. in English. She taught at Jesus and Mary from 1973 to 1979. She has a conviction that monetary gains are not the objective of an educational institution. A strict disciplinarian and workaholic, she believes in imparting quality education to all her students.

PAGE: Could you briefly tell us about your school?

PK: Karachi High School offers quality education. Students are exposed to a number of extracurricular activities such as music, swimming, baseball, computer education, competitions, debates and drama, apart from their regular course studies. We are firm believers of the motto, "a healthy mind makes a healthy body". Our students are involved in activities that allow them freedom of expression and development of form. The school itself encourages, both taking part in and conducting events, that generate a lot of core educational value to the child's educational pursuit. A recent example of this was the ISEO-2000. For the first time a number of leading schools came together for a competition that entailed a whole host of "ed-venture" for the participating students. The event was a big success. We look forward to the ISEO-2001.

PAGE: What did you have in mind when you set up this school?

PK: Karachi High School (KHS) was established 16 years ago with the ideology, that even the common man's child has the right to a good and fruitful education that would ensure him or her a productive future.

Good education in our country is meant for the rich only. I wanted to remove this impression and prepare a child coming from an average background to stand at par with another child coming from the Elite Schools. I want my students to be proud of who and what they are. The school is the second home for a child to which he looks forward to coming to every morning. It's a school which molds a child into a better human being. The first 10 years play an important part in building a child's character.

PAGE: How is your school different from other privately owned educational institutes?

PK: As I have stated before, KHS aims at imparting quality education and by the Grace of the Almighty, we cater to students from all segments of the society — upper, middle and lower classes. This kind of platform allows the children to interact with each other and get a glimpse of what the "other side" of life is. Students are true representatives of society. Other private institutes are also doing a wonderful job but we would not like to compare ourselves to anyone.

KHS has not only taken the initiative but has also followed up on adopting Internet in education. We established our own website and trained teachers to use the Internet to teach various subjects to students — making learning an interesting experience.

Each year, KHS participates in Quanta/Beam Robotics — an Inter-School Competition on Science and IT held in India every year. We have won several awards that include Best Speaker Award for Debating. KHS has a blend of both scholastic and academic activities and our students have tremendous exposure to Information Technology.

PAGE: KHS has its own website — what were the reasons behind this initiative and how do you think it will be beneficial to the school and the students?

PK: Children must be made familiar with the Internet. IT has become an integral part of the world and it is imperative that we train our youngsters to learn and grasp the knowledge. In October last year, we became the first school to launch a website. This is part of our ongoing efforts to make education a more interactive and exciting experience for children and create two-way communication between teachers and parents. The website has given the students the initiative to take more interest in the Internet and even web designing. Additionally, the website has also introduced interactive education.

PAGE: How, in your opinion, can we improve the level of IT education in local schools and colleges?

PK: I think that the first step would be to train teachers on how's and why's of the Internet and then to bring IT into play in class room. Unless teachers are trained to work at their own and know-how to use the Internet there cannot be any change in our present set up. Our educational system must produce technology oriented kids to let them live, learn and work successfully in an increasingly complex and information-rich society.

Parents want their children to graduate with skills that prepare them to either get a job in today's 'Marketplace' or advance to higher levels of education and training, as well as to prepare to become productive members of society.

PAGE: What are the school's future plans to enhance IT education?

PK: Within next 5 weeks all KHS staff will be fully trained to be able to bring the Internet and IT into their classes. The staff training is being conducted by two young IT professionals from Netexpress. We are also in the process of getting all our teachers to do courses on the Net (Distance Learning). We are in the process of setting up a fully functional network computer lab at the school. Companies like Intel have provided equipment. I really look forward to seeing KHS become an example in IT based education.