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Apr 24, 2000

*** "IN THE war the Vietnamese were brave but in peace they are cowards."

(One of best-known Vietnamese authors, Doung Thu Huong, who is also one of the most scathing critics of the society which has emerged in the past 25 years as a combination of feudalism and Stalinist communism)

*** "ALL THOSE people who somehow figure that Wall Street owes them money found out that it doesn't. The market doesn't work like that."

(An US analyst talking about the $ 1 trillion plunge of the NASDAQ stocks over the last month from $ 6.71 trillion on March 10 to $ 5.61 trillion on April 4)

*** "IT'S GOING to be a real festival of resistance. We want to stop the current model of globalization that helps giant corporations at the expense of virtually everyone else."

(Director of Citizens Trade Campaign, Scott Nova, announcing plans to stage demonstrations at the meetings of IMF and World Bank in Washington)

*** "HE WAS an icon. Now he's just a con."

(A distraught South African cricket fan on the disgraceful sacking of Hansie Cronje as the captain of the national side amidst match-fixing charges)

*** "WHAT WE are saying is that increasingly our political system has become a tool of a small cartel of multinational corporations. We envision a world where all voices are at the table . . . Right now we have a system that put forward merely the profits of multinational corporations."

(Spokesman for the Mobilisation for Global Justice, Patrick Reinsborough, saying that anti-IMF-World Bank protests in Washington are aimed against the multinational corporations which were taking over the world)

*** "WE ARE not the lackey of the US. We are free to go anywhere. If we didn't go (to Cuba) it would be clear that we are colonised by the US."

(Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid saying that a senior US State Department official, Tom Pickering, had asked him not to attend the G 77 summit hosted by Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana)

*** "SOMETIMES I write singer, sometimes I write actress, sometimes I write mother. It depends on the mood I'm in. Lately, I write entertainer, and I feel like that sort of covers all the areas."

(Singer and actress Madonna answering a question what does she write when filling out the card on the airplane)

*** "IRAQ IS ready to accept a dialogue with the United States, but on condition that it be in line with mutual bilateral interests and not a dialogue between master and slave . . . Washington has no morality or principles when it comes to political exchanges."

(Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan expressing readiness for talks with the US 'on equal footing')

*** "I'M CRITICAL of the U.S. relationship and dissatisfied with it. The country I dislike most in terms of U.S.-Japan ties is Japan, because it's a country that can't assert itself."

(Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara criticizing US-Japan relations. Ishihara, known for his acid tongue, has emerged as Japan's most controversial and one of its popular politician)

*** "I DON'T. I know him very well and I like him personally. I trust him."

(General Anthony Zinni, Commander of the US Central Command, asked if he doubted Pakistan's Chief Executive Gen Pervez Musharraf's intentions to 'see democracy in substance and not in mere form')

*** "BRITAIN IS very concerned about us. Somehow Britain still thinks we are a British colony . . . What is going on in the country is a result of hundreds of years of racist oppression by the British settlers. What is happening now is the unfinished business of the liberation struggle."

(Zimbabwean Information Minister Chen Chimutengwende commenting on British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook's remark for increasing international pressure to resolve the issue of violent takeovers of white-owned farms)


Edited by Syed M. Aslam