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For the Record


For the record
Azhar Ayub

Apr 17, 2000

*** "ONE OF the greatest mistakes which is made by serious political commentators today is to judge us on the same basis under which they judge opinion makers in the advanced countries, forgetting that for more than three centuries our people were denied all the privileges that you take for granted."

(Former South African President Nelson Mandela delivering a speech at London School of Economics to not to judge African leaders by Western standards)

*** "TWENTY-FIVE years ago, my friends and I started with nothing but an idea — that we could harness the power of the PC to improve people's lives. The best is yet to come."

(Microsoft Corporation chairman Bill Gates' speaking in a new advertisement campaign aimed at repairing the company's image in the wake of court ruling that it violated the US antitrust laws)

*** "WE WANTED the employees to recognise that our customers are children."

(Official of a major Japanese toy maker, Bandai Company which is offering its workers a million yen — $ 9,500 — if they have a third child)

*** "WOMEN ARE not dull. Women are exciting. We don't want them in our meeting rooms. The first thing they will do is rearrange the furniture."

(The warning posted by the web site of the 'dull men of the world' which aims to unite the boring brotherhood)

*** "I DON'T ever stop being Prime Minister. Even when I am on holiday I do several hours work a day. But of course I want to spend more time with Cherie when the kid is born. I don't know if that makes it paternity leave."

(British Prime Minister Tony Blair rejecting his wife Cherie's idea of taking a full-blown paternity leave. The couple is expecting their fourth baby on May 24)

*** "NUMEROUS CIA officers . . . failed to ensure that the intended bombing target . . . had been properly identified and precisely located."

(Spokesman of US Central Intelligence Agency announcing firing of one staffer and disciplining of six others for mistakes that led to bombing of Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the Kosovo war last year)

*** "WE FIRMLY oppose any link between trade and labour standards. We are also against the use of environmental standards as a new form of protectionism."

(A draft declaration of the G77 five-day 'South Summit' in Havana, Cuba, to be attended by some 60 Third World leaders from 133 member nations. The Group of 77 derives its name from its 1964 founding with 77 members)

*** "THE IMF and the World Bank are still appalling and now the World Trade Organisation, too. All over the world, people die unnecessarily because of the international financial system."

(Front-runner in London mayor's election Ken Livingstone blaming global capitalism to kill more people each year than those killed in the World War II adding that 'But at least Hitler was mad, you know.')

*** "THERE IS a principle to be vindicated, and that principle is that no person is above the law, even the president of the United States."

(Washington Post quoting independent counsel Robert Ray that investigators were considering an indictment against President Bill Clinton for alleged lying and obstructing justice in Monica Lewinsky scandal)

*** "IT WAS the most ridiculous and absurd statement coming from someone who is running the country."

(Lord Nazir Ahmad, a British citizen of Pakistan origin, snubbing the statement made by visiting Pakistani Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider that 'Pakistanis have money and they can afford it' reffering to the fee for the issuance of Pakistan Origin Card to expatriates)

*** "KOFI ANNAN seems to be the weakest UN secretary general in the long history of this organisation . . . Why did the United Nations only move when Israel and America gave it permission. This is just a farce orchestrated by Israel. The UN secretary general and his representatives are the actors."

(Saudi newspaper Al Riyadh slamming the UN Secretary General for agreeing to cooperate with Israel on its planned withdrawal from southern Lebanon though the Security Council Resolution 425 calls for the immediate withdrawal)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam