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Apr 17 - 23, 2000

Mr. Muhammad Aftab Manzoor appointed as President MCB

The Board of Directors of the Muslim Commercial Bank Limited have appointed Mr. Muhammad Aftab Manzoor, as President of the Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.

Mian Muhammad Mansha, who was holding the positions of both President and the Chairman of the Bank, will continue to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Muhammad Aftab Manzoor was working as Senior Executive Vice President/Head of the Credit Division of MCB.

Mr. Muhammad Aftab Manzoor brings a wealth of experience to his new appointment as President of the prestigious Muslim Commercial Bank, the leading private sector Bank in Pakistan.

He has 22 years of experience most of which was with CitiBank N.A Pakistan. Among the positions held by him included Regional Manager (North), Country Head of Financial Institutions, Cash Management and Custodians Service Business. He also conducted credit reviews of CitiBank Operations in Turkey, Nigeria, Sudan and Egypt during his tenure with CitiBank. Mr. Manzoor has also attended a number of Credit and Marketing Seminars offered by the CitiBank Over-Seas Training Centres abroad.

Mr. Muhammad Aftab Manzoor joined the Muslim Commercial Bank in 1998 as SEVP/Head of the Credit and Risk Management Division. He is also member of the MCB Managing Committee. He has done his Master in Business Administration with major in Finance in 1977.

The MCB ATM Network

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), the largest private bank in Pakistan, prides itself of being the Leader, innovator and provider of quality financial products. Since 1993, MCB has proved itself to be a Bank that caters to the Consumers' ever changing financial needs and is a Technology Leader amongst the large Pakistani Banks.

The MCB ATM Network is one of the most significant IT-based products that reflects leadership and commitment to providing convenient banking services to its customers, 24-hour a day, 365 days in the year.

The ATM Service was launched in 1993, when MCB installed its first ATM in Karachi. During the course of its 7-year journey, MCB has expanded the ATM Network not only within the cities but has also linked almost all the major cities within Pakistan.

Besides expanding the Network, it is also constantly being upgraded.

• Last year, the Bank successfully launched MCB ATM Gold Card with a higher daily Cash Withdrawal limit, fulfilling an identified customer need.

• This year, in partnership with MasterCard International, we are successfully and progressively connecting our network with over 465,000 ATMs globally and visiting MasterCard and Cirrus cardholders now have the convenience of using MCB ATMs in Pakistan to draw Pakistani Currency, which in turn brings Foreign Exchange into Pakistan through Inward Remittance.

• Additionally traveling MCB ATM customers can now withdraw cash at international locations from ATM's displaying the Cirrus/MasterCard logo.

• The MCB ATM version 3 can be used at retail outlets displaying the Maestro logo as it supports on line debit. Today, said Haroon Basheer, Head of Consumer Banking and Information Technology the Bank has gained the Service Quality competitive edge by successfully operating the largest online ATM Network in the country covering 11 Cities, with around 80 ATM locations and 106 On-line Branches and linking it internationally.

The ATM advantage is manifold both for the customers as well as MCB. Every month, almost 100,000 ATM cardholders take advantage of our extensive network. Total transactions have continued to demonstrate growth depicting increased customer awareness and utilization of the network. For MCB Customers, the convenience is round the-clock Cash Withdrawal and Account Balance Enquiry facilities from any city in our Network. At MCB, over the course of time, we have recorded a reduction in Counter Transactions resulting in faster and efficient service to other customers, which will eventually assist in controlling the Bank's Intermediation Costs.

This 24-hour ATM Banking Network is backed and supported by one of the best Technology Team in the banking industry and state-of-the-art Systems. The IT team at MCB is a diverse mix of experienced professionals, who are continuously updated with the Technological Developments. MCB is the only Bank in Pakistan, which has heavily invested in the most upto date and internationally recognized systems in Pakistan. Our ATM Network is supported by the world renowned IBM AS/400 and Euronet Arksys Solutions.

This Technology has now enabled us to embark upon Plans to introduce the ATM Switch Network in the country. We have placed an order with IBM/Euronet for the upgrade of the existing ATM Arksys Software to Gold Net, which will enable us to open our Network to other Banks and share each other's ATMs. By middle of 2000, MCB will be launching the ATM Switch called M-NET opening our ATM Network to other interested Banks. To-date, ANZ Grindlays Bank and Standard Chartered Bank have signed MOUs with MCB for mutual sharing of ATMs as Participant members of the M-NET Switch. The Customers of these banks will have the facility to use MCB's ATMs anywhere in the country and vice versa MCB's Customers will have the access to these Banks' ATMs in Pakistan. Other Banks, both Foreign and Local, have also shown interest in the M-NET and negotiations are underway to sign them up for the ATMs Sharing.

As seen in other international markets, the MCB ATM Switch, M-NET will bring a turnaround in the way a Pakistani customer Banks. The hassles of visiting the branch during banking hours and waiting in long queues for Cash withdrawals and balance enquiry will be replaced by ease of transactions and availability of 24-hour (cash convenience within minutes at numerous locations.

MCB embarked upon a journey seven years back with the commitment to providing top of the line ATM Services to its customers. All the Banks within the industry have now recognized MCB's investment and service quality and for the first time ever, Foreign Banks are partnering with a local bank to use its advanced Technology based services. Plans are underway to enhance the service capabilities of the ATM network to bring increased services to the customer's fingertips.

Coure — The Quality Compact Car

By Ibad Jamal — Deputy Manager Marketing

On 2nd April 2000, Indus Motor Company launched Daihatsu Cuore. This car has brought with it a whole new concept of a Quality Compact car in 800-cc passenger car segment. Previously, 800 cc car owners had no choice but to buy a low quality vehicles from the market which resulted in low self esteem & the pride of ownership of the cars was non existent. But with the advent of 850 cc Daihatsu Cuore the scenario has become rosier for the consumers, as at last they have a choice to buy a car which matches their life style while offering them a pride of ownership.

The Quality Compact car concept of Daihatsu Cuore revolves around providing consumers four basic elements in an 800-cc car, which are:

Reliability: Cuore is a reliable vehicle due to it's latest Japanese Technology & strict Quality Control not only during it's assembly but also during the production of it's local components by the vendors. This is important considering the fact that Daihatsu Cuore is the first car to be introduced in Pakistan market with over 40 % local components which is a big achievement by Indus Motor Company Ltd. & it's vendors.

Before the launch, Cuore was thoroughly tested on Pakistani roads under different weather conditions in order to ensure that it meets the demands of local driving conditions

Performance: Cuore is a top performer in its class, equipped with an 850-cc petrol engine. It is the first car in its class to have 5 Speed manual Transmission & Powerful brakes with booster. It is fun to drive within the city or on high ways.

After thorough testing on Pakistani roads, the ground clearance of this car has been set so that it can cross different types of speed-brakers with ease.

Safety: Passengers are provided with optimum safety because of provision of Front Seat Belts and Side Protection Beams in the doors, both of these qualities were not offered to the 800 cc car segment customer by the competitor.

Comfort: Cuore comes with Mac Pherson Type suspension with Stabilizer bars in the front & semi trailing type with coil springs in the rear, this gives the driver easy maneuverability while negotiating sharp turns and potholes within the city & straight line driving ability on high ways. Daihatsu experts from Japan have specially designed this suspension for Pakistani roads.

Cuore is compact from the outside & roomy from inside. This unique feature of Cuore offers unmatched comfort to it's driver and passengers alike as it helps in parking the vehicle in tight spaces and easy maneuverability in traffic jams while providing ample space inside to the riders to relax & enjoy the ride.

Choice of body colours: Another feature worth mentioning about the Cuore is its availability in 7 lively colours (4 metallic and 3 solid). Electronic Deposition process is being used to paint these cars for longer life and rust protection.

Needless to say, Daihatsu Cuore has brought a sigh of relief to the quality starved 800 cc car customers & has all the right ingredients to succeed in the local market.

Production facility: The fact that Cuore cars will be produced in the same factory of I.M.C. where World renown Toyota Corolla cars and Hilux pick ups are assembled, following the same Toyota Production systems, is also a source of comfort to the customers that Cuore will be as reliable as the time tested Toyota Corolla and Hilux.

After sales service and parts availability: The customers are also assured of After Sales Service and Parts availability because Cuore will be made available throughout Pakistan by the well established Toyota Daihatsu 3S dealership network. Indus Motor Company Ltd. has expanded its dealership network from its previous 17 dealers to 27 full fledged 3S outlets nationwide. This was done primarily to cater to the expected increase in demand of these services after the introduction of Daihatsu Cuore, which is destined to be a market leader in its class.

Daihatsu Cuore launched in Pakistan

A local five-star hotel was the venue for a colourful ceremony as the 850 cc Daihatsu Cuore was unveiled amongst an impressive light and sound show in Lahore on March 28, 2000.

Mr. Ali S. Habib, Chairman Indus Motor Company Ltd., assured that the high quality, superior performance, durability and comfort of the Cuore will redefine the standards in small car segment to the 'Quality Compact' concept. He appreciated the efforts of vendors and dealers along with Toyota and Daihatsu during the last 16 months to offer the best quality compact car to the Pakistani customers, aiming to become the market leaders in this segment also. He thanked Toyota and Daihatsu for their strong commitment towards Pakistan.

Earlier, a presentation was made by Mr. Iida of Daihatsu Motor Company and Mr. M. Ilyas Suri of Indus Motor Company, to explain the quality, performance, comfort and durability features of Daihatsu Cuore. Daihatsu Cuore has achieved a local component ratio of above 40%, which is the highest ever achieved by a passenger car at the time of its launch. All components and parts are developed and produced with 100% adherence to Daihatsu Motor Company standards.

BITS Club Celebrates its First Anniversary

The Center for Computer Studies at IBA was established in 1982 in collaboration with IBM with an aim to provide computer education alongwith the regular business courses. The first program offered was the Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in computer studies. This was then transformed into the MBA (MIS) program after three years of its introduction. The CCS also started MIS and Computer Science programs at the Bachelors level in the years 1998 and 1999 respectively, in response to growing demand from the industry.

In view of the introduction of the new MIS and BCS programs at the Bachelors level and the consequently increasing number of computer students, a need was felt by the administration as well as by the students to bring the IT students under a forum that can truly represent their needs and requirements.

Therefore a separate students body, the Business & Information Technology Students' Club (BITS Club) was approved early in 1999 by the Director IBA for the students of the Center of Computer Studies at IBA. Since then BITS Club has evolved into an active student body with a growing list of achievements in line with its aims and objectives.

Founder members: Syed Saad Hussain and Ahmed Ali Siddiqui, students of the first batch of the BBA (MIS) program, share the honor of being the founder members of the BITS Club.

The BITS Club is working continuously for greater collaboration and relationship with the business world in general and with the fast-growing IT industry in particular. The Club has organized various events working in association with the industry and it further aims to enhance its effort for a greater working partnership with the corporate sector.

Apart from this BITS Club is working with other students' bodies at IBA in organizing joint events like picnics and Festivals etc.

Current Office Bearers of BITS Club:

President: Dr. Zafar Zaidi; Vice President: Syed Saad Hussain; General Secretary: Ahmed Ali Siddiqui; Treasurer: Burhan Khan.

Committees and Societies of the BITS Club:

Various committees and societies have been formed in order to coordinate all the planned events of the Club. These committees are supervised by the office bearers and are headed by the respective secretaries who are responsible to carry out the relevant events with the help of the other committee members.

Upcoming Events and Future Plans of BITS Club

First Website Competition for IBA Students

International Conference on "Challenges of E-Commerce in Pakistan"

Cross Links - the BITS Magazine

IBA-Online—the BITS E-Zine-Spring Semester Issue

Electronic CD Library for IBA students

Software Competition & Exhibition

Writing Competition

Annual Corporate Dinner

Training Workshop on Internet and Web page designing

Alumni Directory for old MIS Graduates

Seminar on "Islamic Economic System" & More...


Dr. Zafar Zaidi,

President BITS Club

Director IBA

I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the BITS Club on its' first anniversary. The management of the BITS Club has put in sincere efforts for the development of the students and the promotion of healthy activities at IBA.

One of the objectives behind the formation of the BITS Club was to provide the MIS and BCS students a common platform from where they can launch and promote their IT specific activities. I am very glad to acknowledge that the club has been successful in the pursuit of its' goals.

I hope that the club would continue to provide the much-needed academic and other extra curricular activities to the students with the same level of vigor and enthusiasm


Dr. Ejaz Ahmed

Deputy Director IBA

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the members of the BITS Club on the completion of their first year of operation. The office bearers and the secretaries of the Club have been very agile in organizing various students' activities conducive to the development of our students. They have demonstrated strong leadership skills and the ability to perform under pressure.

Their contribution towards the promotion of IT activities in and outside IBA has been recognized both by the IBA faculty as well as the media. I am confident that the Club would emerge as a true representative of the IT students of the new millennium and continue to uphold the traditions of IBA.


Dr. Zeenat Ismail,

Student Counselor, IBA

The BITS Club has established itself as an active and dynamic students' body at IBA in just the first year. Being the closest to the students, I realized the difficulties that they had to face in setting up the structure of the Club and working with limited funds. But the Club successfully managed to meet its targets by working on the guidelines put forward by the Director, IBA, and following my advice at each step.

In the end I congratulate the members of BITS Club on this happy occasion, and hope that it would continue to strive for the fulfilment of its objectives.


Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder,

Deputy Director, Center for Computer Studies, IBA

I take this opportunity to congratulate the BITS Club on its first anniversary. Since its inception, the club has worked hard to promote the new programs at the Center for Computer Studies by strengthening the ties between the industry and the academia. The Club's initiatives towards organizing various seminars, interactive discussions, alumni get-togethers, annual dinners, guest speaker sessions and compilation of alumni database have served to bridge the gap among the students, faculty, alumni and the industry professionals. These activities of the club are positive steps that should be taken up as a model for others to follow.


Syed Saad Hussain

Founder Member & Vice President,

BITS Club.

It was a moment of sheer delight when I was unanimously elected as the Vice President of the newly formed club. Numerous tasks lay ahead, most important of them being the establishment and projection of the club on sound basis.

For the pursuit of this goal, the office bearers, all the secretaries and the societies put in their sincere efforts despite many obstacles and helped us achieve the targets that we set initially. And today it can be rightly proclaimed that in this very short period, the BITS Club has effectively marked its presence in the business community and has been recognized not only by IBA but also by the business and IT industry as the most active student body working for the academic interests of the students.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the new office bearers of the BITS Club and hope that they would continue to strive for the achievements of the objectives of the club and work for its success.


Ahmed Ali Siddiqui

General Secretary


It is indeed a great pleasure for me and all the members of BITS that their representative body has completed the first successful year of its formation. The main objective of the formation of the club is to promote the IT related activities among the students and to bridge the gap between business and IT world - the club has so far been successful in meeting its goals.

It is also very encouraging that as a result of hard work and sincere efforts by the secretaries and members of BITS Club BITS has proved itself as the most dynamic and active student club of IBA in a very short span of time.

We are also thankful to the administration and faculty members of IBA, specially Dr. Zafar Zaidi — Director IBA and President BITS Club, Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder - Deputy Director CCS and Dr. Zeenat Ismail - Students' advisor, for their continuous support and cooperation.

In the end, I would like to reassure the business world and members of BITS Club that we will continue with jour sincere efforts for the promotion of IT and the welfare of the students of IBA.

Help a young man

In a press release, famous squash player and former world chamption, Jahangir Khan, has appealed on the name of humanity in general to well-to-do family and President and Chief Executive of Pakistan in particular, to come forward for the help of student Atif Imran, aged 22, who is suffering from Blood Cancer. Due to non-availability of Bone Marrow transplant facility in Pakistan, he is fighting battle of life and death.

It is estimated if he goes for treatment to London it will cost Rs. 53 lacs, while Rs. 38 lacs in Singapore. By hectic efforts of Doctors, Engineers and Social Workers Forum, Rs. 15 lacs have already been collected and remaining amount may be deposited on the below mentioned address:

Atif Imran Charitable Account No. PLS - 2989, Muslim Commercial Bank, Merium Centre Branch, Defence Phase II Extension, Karachi Phone No. 021-5892446.

For further information: Phone No. 021-4507173, Mobile No 0300-208174. E-mail address anam@paknet3.ptc.pk. Web address http//:www.geocities.com/help-atif-imran

BOX with Picture Independence

Syed Asad Hussain, Research Consultant and Senior Faculty Member, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) has won the 2nd prize of Rs. 80,000/- for his essay on " The Year 2000 Issue and Its Impact on The Economy.", relating to The Institute of Bankers, Pakistan, Banking Essay Competition-1999.

Easter celebrations at the sheraton

Special Brunch on April 23, Egg Painting Competition for Children, Easter Goodies at theGourmet Shop, read on....

Easter, the most important feast in the Christian calendar, full of flowers, colour and music which proclaims the joy of the season. Karachi Sheraton Hotel & Towers has made big plans, highlighting the festivities of Easter. The celebrations begin from April 10 when the Gourment Shop opens their sale of special Easter goodies offering exclusive cakes, pralines, chocolate bunnies and eggs and much, much more for all those who enjoy the finer things in life with pleasure.

The whole of Sheraton is going Easter, with special farm-house put up to shower the joys of Easter to the children and given them a first-hand opportunity to see the live multicolored chicks and bunny rabbits.

The culmination of all the Easter celebrations at the Sheraton would be a Grand Easter Brunch at Al-Bustan on April 23rd. The brunch, which will serve wide varieties of delectable dishes, also includes a special Easter Egg Painting Competition for children between age 4 to 13 years in three different age categories with great prizes sponsored by Cadbury's for the winners of the competition. Also featuring during the Brunch are song and dance performances by the HeartBeat - setting the whole Brunch afire for the kids. Great food, amazing prizes, fun and frolic all the way, makes the Easter Brunch at the Karachi Sheraton Hotel & Towers an event not to be left out on at the Karachi Sheraton Hotel & Towers a day not to be left out on!

And for all those who are still looking for more Easter excitement, a special Easter Buffet Dinner called "Speciale Pasqua" will be served at La Mamma in the night of April 23rd. A calm and cozy ambiance of La Mamma, is just a perfect finale to all the entertainment, joy and laughter to Easter this year the the Karachi Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

Fashion Design Faculty

To introduce their new Faculty of Fashion Design, Asian Management Institute, IQRA University (AMI), invited Top Professionals from the Fashion, industry to their Defense View campus.

Among those who attended the briefing session included the who's who from the fashion industry namely Amir Adnan, Shamaeel, Aijazz, Deepak Perwani, Zain Mustafa, Sonya Batla, Maheen Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Sumaiya Durrani, Shaukat Rizvi, Riffat Alvi, Ehsan Nauman Ali from ABS, Masooma and Javed Lotia from Clothesline Pvt. Ltd., Munir Habib from Catco, and members of the Fashion Press. The Founder Principal of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design Mrs. Abassi Abedi, also flew down from Lahore to give her valued comments.

Head of the Department, Ms. Shazia Viqar gave a Slide presentation about the objectives and philosophy of the faculty of Fashion design. She introduced herself and her faculty:

— Shazia Viqar was responsible for setting up the Pakistan School of Fashion Design in Lahore and was instrumental in obtaining the affiliation for the Pakistan school of Fashion Design from Paris, France. She herself is a graduate of Les Ecoles de le Chambre Syndicale Parisienne, the affiliate body of the PSFD Lahore.

— Assistant Professor Mr. Zari Khan MustiKhan is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio, USA. And is involved in the design department.

— Mr. Gohar Ajmal is a graduate of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and is taking care of the sewing and Pattern making Department.

— Mr. Masroor Haider is a renowned water colourist and is acting as the drawing teacher.

The audience was informed that the first batch had started from the 14th of January 2000 with a total student strength of 14.

The highlight of the department is the promotion of Value addition in the Pakistan garment industry. The aim is to create Professionals qualified to improve the quality of garment export from this country and to help upgrade the industry from its present status of a manufacturing base to one producing value added garments. The emphasis is on producing competent designers who are tuned to growing changes of the global market of garments and textiles and are ready to implement them locally. The main thrust of this programme is on the industrial application of creativity which translates into the production and exports of value added garments from Pakistan. In order to achieve this the courses being offered are Pattern making, Sewing, Fashion Illustration, History of Fashion, Draping and the computer application of Design (CAD/CAM).

Ms. Viqar was pleased to announce that the management of the IQRA University has agreed to convert this department into a separate institute and in this regard is looking at the prospects of finding a larger campus to house this institution.

After the presentation, participants generously exchanged ideas and informations about the currently enrolled students. All the participants were extremely enthusiastic about the programme and recognized the need for a degree granting institution here in Karachi in this field. Some important points raised and discussed were:

— The importance of internships on an industrial level

— Short Courses for the industry

— Workshops

— Research & developmental projects.

Al Maha Desert Resort

Dubai's Al Maha Desert Resort has become the property in the UAE to be admitted to the prestigious Leading Small Hotels of the World. This is an elite grouping of the world's most exclusive resorts.

Al Maha's admission to the Leading Small Hotels was announced during the ITB Berlin. HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Al Maha's holding company, Emirates Group, signed the contract with Marshall Calder, Senior Vice President Brand Management for The Leading Small Hotels of the World.

Al Maha, owned and managed by the award winning Emirates Airlines, becomes the company's first member in Dubai. The all-suite Al Maha is the UAE's first ecotourism resort, which is located in 25 square kilometers of nature reserve in the heart of the Dubai desert.

Sheikh Ahmed said: "The essence of Al Maha is founded in the heritage of the land. From the architecture to the activities, everything at Al Maha reflects the traditions and lifestyles of Arabia. In Al Maha, Emirates has created a truly unique sanctuary which conserves and preserves the heritage and natural environment.

"Al Maha's wildlife reintroduction programme has become a world renowned endeavour, which is contributing to the protection and survival of endangered indigenous species such as the Arabian Oryx."

Mr. Calder said: "Al Maha fits The Leading Small Hotels profile precisely. It is a truly extraordinary resort, developed on an intimate scale in a breathtaking setting, providing the affluent traveller with a wholly unique luxury experience.