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Wholesale travel concept in Pakistan

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VAL is a proud recipient of the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award for 1998-1999 from British Airways

Apr 10 - 16, 2000

VAL Enterprises have entered into a strategic business partnership with Dubai's "Destinations of The World" for travel and tourism services venturinge a Master Franchise agreement signed for Pakistan.

VAL Enterprises has formed a new company — Destinations of The World (Pakistan) for the master franchise representation and is scheduled to commence operations in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi simultaneously from June 01, 2000. This company will provide outbound services to travel agents in Pakistan and inbound travel and tourism services to the Destinations of The World global network to promote tourism into Pakistan as a tourist destination. This will also separate its wholesale travel business activities from the retail activities of VAL World Travel, its business travel agency, and Holidays by VAL, its leisure travel agency. The Destinations of the World Network operates in the manner that is beneficial to everyone in the travel and tourism chain.

Destinations of The World is a unique travel organization dedicated to the wholesale of quality travel-related services to both the holiday maker and business traveller alike, through their travel agents. In a short span of just six years, the company's wholesale travel concept of linking worldwide travel related suppliers with travel agents has been well received and readily accepted enabling Destinations of The World to become the largest wholesaler in the Middle East region. At present with a network in most of the major Gulf cities and the former Soviet Union distributing its products and services to over 7000 travel agents. Currently, a well thought out expansion programme is in motion to create a global network of Destinations of The World offices to provide the most comprehensive and competitive range of travel-related services to travel agents worldwide.

Keith Fernandez, General Manager, Destinations of The World, feels that demand for travel-related services, especially packaged holiday travel and special interest tours currently available are grossly under-developed. Destinations of The World are the first wholesale travel company to enter into the fast growing travel and tourism market in Pakistan. He expressed the hope that VAL Enterprises will help in realizing its full potential, thus adding precisely the dynamism, energy and consumer focus that we feel the travel business truly deserves.

Travellers and travel agents using our electronic travel software package, "ETM 2000" and the dynamic internet website (www.dotw.com) have access to the vast database of information, descriptions of 81 images, and rates of Hotels, Apartments, Car Rental, City Sightseeing Tours, Excursions and Packages in over 417 cities worldwide. All this can be pre-booked and prepaid through the one central source — Destinations of The World (Pakistan). With wholesale rates for travel and tourism services, travel agents just need to put together the different services/components to design and offer travel customers attractive tailor-made and ready-made stopovers, holidays the world over, especially packaged tours for major world events.

The travel supplier (hotels, tour operators, etc.) has one steady source of bookings through Destinations of The World and access to a large and growing distribution network of travel agents. With Destinations of The World, the credit/billing and payment is guaranteed and communications costs are eliminated.

The holiday and business traveller is now able to benefit from the hundreds of new options available at highly competitive rates. The traveller also has the choice of purchasing these services from his preferred travel agent, as the Destinations of The World product shall be available to all travel agents in the Pakistan market.

VAL Enterprises established in Pakistan since 1985, is one of the leading airline and travel services organizations with sales offices in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and is recognized for the wide range of retail and wholesale services it provides to the general public, the travel trade and the aviation industry. Among various awards received in recognition of its outstanding performance and service excellence VAL is a proud recipient of the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award for 1998-1999 from British Airways and Top Performing GSA of United Airlines.