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Doha Bank to expand its operations in Pakistan

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Doha Bank has an edge over other banks in Pakistan in respect of bad debts and inoperative loans

Apr 10 - 16, 2000

Doha Bank Limited has decided to expand its operations in Pakistan. So far, the bank was facilitating financing facilities only to export business including textiles and fresh fruits. With the change of policy at the principal office, the bank has decided to go into project financing for small and medium enterprises.

Ahmed Hussain Khan, the Chief Manager of Doha Bank in Pakistan made these observations at a press briefing recently held at Karachi. Zubair Ahmed Khan, Manager marketing and protocol was also present on the occasion. In fact the press briefing was a ground making effort in connection with the forthcoming visit of Sheikh Fahad Bin Mohammad Bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman, Doha Bank by the Pakistan based officials.

Ahmed Hussain Khan quoting his chairmanís remarks, he had made during his last visit to Pakistan, said that Doha Bank will use every means to boost the economy of Pakistan which is a top priority of bankís management. Sheikh Fahad Bin Mohammad Bin Jabor Al Thani had also said that Doha Bank would provide more incentives and modern facilities to the local business community to encourage foreign trade, which is the key to the progress of nations. Doha Bank believes that there is enormous scope of business expansion in Pakistan and the bank had a comprehensive strategy to take advantage of incentives the government has offered to foreign investors in Pakistan.

Referring to situation in Pakistan where banking sector had to sail through the extremely troubled waters due to huge stuck-up loans and advances, Ahmed Hussain mentioned a sense of pride that his bank has an edge over other banks in Pakistan in respect of bad debts and inoperative loans. Through application of professional management, his bank managed to remain unaffected by the virus of bad loans and whatever the amount was stuck up was adjusted through amicable settlements.

Doha Bank has developed special skill in recovery of the stuck up loans, he claimed and offered to provide his bankís services if required for recovery of the bad loans of the financial sector in Pakistan. When asked to elaborate the techniques his bank is applying for recovery of the bad loans, he narrated a story regarding recovery of a considerable amount from a bankrupt party. He said that in order to get back the stuck up money, his bank managed to convince a potential buyer also a client of the bank for purchase of the property assets of the bankrupt party. By bringing the two ends together, not only the bank made recovery of its stuck amount but selling its assets at the market rates also benefited the bankrupt party.

When asked to comment on possible consolidation of smaller banks in the private sector of Pakistan as desired by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Ahmed Hussain was of the view that there is a great potential in the financial market of Pakistan for growth of smaller banks. Instead of forcing them for merger, provide them an even ground to flourish independently.

Regarding bankís plans to expand operations in Pakistan, he said that apart from financial depth of the market, Pakistan is a brotherly Muslim country where the business or profit is not the only consideration. Being a brotherly Muslim country we feel to play a positive role for economic growth of this country, he said.


Doha Bank Ltd was established on March 15, 1979. It was the second locally owned bank in the State of Qatar under Amiri Decree no.51 issued by the Amir of Qatar on December 20, 1978. The bank with its competent management, qualified staff, strong ownership background, different products and the most convenient services with security to meet customersí various needs, has achieved impressive results in the last 20 years of its history. In the State of Qatar, the bank has 9 branches and 2 pay offices. Overseas, the bank has 3 branches including two in Pakistan, one each at Karachi and Lahore and another at New York in the United States.

Financial Highlights: 1998 (000 Qatar Riyal)

Total Assets: 4,545,332

Loans & Advances: 2,415,800

Deposits 3,432,675

Shareholdersí Equity 391,707

Off-Balance Sheet Accounts 2,049,905

Total Revenue 474,675

Net Profits 80,125