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Apr 03, 2000

*** "MR CLINTON'S meeting with General Pervez Musharraf, and his talks with President Hafez Al Assad of Syria accomplished little because neither interlocutor was in a mood to do business."

(New York Times editorial calling President Clinton's failed bid to foster peace in the Middle East and South Asia demonstrates the limits of US diplomatic influence)

*** "IF MR CLINTON has in his pocket the magic key to peace, namely the complete withdrawal from the Golan to the lines of June 4 (1967), all the other peace issues can be handled by specialists."

(Daily Ath Thawara, one of Syria's official press, commenting on failed talks between President Hafez al Assad and President Bill Clinton in Geneva primarily due to Israel's lack of prior commitment to completely evacuate the Golan Heights)

*** "WE ARE in danger of losing the argument or the propaganda war — if we haven't already lost it — about who is responsible for this situation in Iraq, President Saddam Hussain or the United Nations."

(UN Secretary General Kofi Annan expressing concerns that US lead UN economic sanctions causing immense sufferings to the Iraqi people pose 'a moral dilemma' for the UN)

***HE TOLD me he was a 12-handicap golfer, and I told him I would like to challenge him on that."

(Pakistan's Chief Executive Gen. Pervez Musharraf saying that he and US President Bill Clinton got along so well that they chatted about their golf games during their meeting in Islamabad)

*** "THERE IS no problem for us with supporting the right of Palestinians to their own state."

(German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder backing the creation of Palestinian state at a joint news conference with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat)

*** "MY MOTHER is not in heaven, not lost. She must have lost her memory, and just doesn't know I 'm here."

(Six-year old Cuban boy Elian Gonzales, who is at the centre of an international custody battle between the US and Cuba, saying that he remembers how the boat bringing him and his mother from Cuba sank but believing his mother is not really dead)

*** "THERE'S A process called projection in psychology. It means accusing someone of what you are doing. That is precisely what Mrs. Clinton is doing."

(New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani attacking his opponent in the NY Senate race, Hillary Clinton who had accused him of dividing the city over the latest police shooting of an unarmed black man)

*** "PRESIDENT BILL Clinton may have made no progress on Kashmir or nukes, but he sure had a great time on his South Asian sojourn."

(Weekly Time commenting on US President's trip of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent)

*** "I HAVE done so a few times. My initial impression is how aged I am and how difficult it will be to master this."

(South Korean President Kim Dae Jung's reply to a question 'If he surfs the Net?' Korea may be the most wired country in Asia with some 10 million Internet users)

*** "WE KNOW the magnitude of the task, and are aware of the long road and the difficulties ahead."

(Singapore prime minister Goh Chok Tong talking about challenges faced by the South Asian region at a luncheon hosted in honour of Pakistani ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf)

*** "I DO read a lot about Islam now, and I'm now the proud possessor of two different translations of the Quran."

(British Prime Minister Tony Blair confessing his interest with Islam)

*** "AT LEAST 50 per cent of the American population is chronically sleep-deprived. If you say you need lots of sleep, you run the risk of being regarded as lazy."

(James Maas, a US psychology professor and author of a book promoting the benefits of sleep)

*** "No matter who comes to power in Taiwan, no Taiwan independence will be allowed. We will not permit any form of independence on Taiwan . . . We urge the new leader in Taiwan to return to the 'one China' principle as soon as possible."

(Top Chinese leaders agreeing with visiting US National Security Advisor Samuel Berger that the Sino-US relations were at a 'crucial juncture' over Taiwan and China's trading status with the US)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam