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Making contributions towards economic growth of the country

Mar 27 - Apr 02, 2000

The US-based companies operating in Pakistan can be divided into two groups, the old veterans and the new entrants. While the old veterans have a enviable track record, the new entrants have yet to establish their credentials. However, the history proves a point that the companies which does not lose confidence in Pakistan ultimately emerge stronger, both in terms of their market share and also better profitability.

One such example of remarkable confidence and recovery is the Pakistan Investment Fund. At one stage the market capitalization was reduced to nearly one fourth but Morgan Stanley did not quit Pakistan. It has a conviction that the market would turnaround and the forecast was not incorrect. At present the market capitalization of the Fund has recovered to over 60 per cent of the initial investment.

As regards the old veterans, Pakistan operations have been expanded and some of the companies emerge as market leaders. One such example of phenomenal growth is Engro Chemical Pakistan (previously Exxon Chemical Pakistan). At the time Exxon established this unit it had an installed capacity of producing 173,000 tonnes/annum of urea. When Exxon divested its holding in early nineties, the company was also in the process of expanding the capacity to 600,000 tonnes/annum.

Intel Corporation established Pakistan office nearly three years ago and has attained a significant position as an enthusiast promoter of information technology. Intel aims to inspire business, home and government e-evolution through computers, networking and e-commerce building block technology. As an avid supporter of technology, it has hosted various interactive seminars, workshops and exhibitions. During last three decades Intel Corporation has developed technology enabling the computer and internet revolution that has changed the world.

Though Union Texas made a very late entry in Pakistan, at present it produces nearly 50 per cent of crude oil produced in the country. It also discovered natural gas in Sindh which now contributes a large share in total gas produced in the country.

Gillette Pakistan is a subsidiary of The Gillette Company with headquarters in Boston. Gillette is the world leader in male grooming and selected female grooming products, a category that includes blades, razors and shaving preparations. The company is the world's top seller of writing instruments, correction products, tooth brushes and oral-care appliances. In addition, the Company is the world leader in alkaline batteries. Recently Gillette has launched its new shaving system Mach3 and has plan to start marketing Oral-B range of dental products and Braun electronics in Pakistan. Introduction of new products confirms Gillette's commitment to Pakistan.

Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) is ready to play a key role in the industrial and economic development of Pakistan. As part of the privatization process, KICT was envisaged by the Karachi Port Trust. The main objective was to upgrade the existing cargo handling facilities and to bring the Karachi port to a level where it can cater for fast and efficient handling of container ships and quick processing of containerized cargo. The successful completion and operation of KICT justifies the investment in Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) infrastructure projects and all set to become gateway to the world.

The Fourth R, a US based computer training company recently opened its franchise in Karachi. An international leader in computer learning for children, Fourth R has globally empowered children for the information age with the right attitude, knowledge and tools for success. Established in 1991 in Washington, The Fourth R operates more than 250 learning centers and has worldwide franchise in over 35 countries.

This is not an exhaustive narration of the contributions of the US companies operating in Pakistan. The number of companies and their contribution can be enhanced if the two countries improve upon their relationship.B

Leading US Companies in Pakistan

  • Abbott Laboratories

  • AES Pakistan

  • American Consultants

  • American President Lines

  • Bank of America

  • Brink's Pakistan

  • Caltex Oil Pakistan

  • Captain-PQ Chemical Industries

  • Carrier Service Company

  • Citibank

  • The Coca-Cola Export Corporation

  • Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan

  • Cornpak

  • Crescent Greenwood

  • Cyanamid Pakistan

  • Dawood Hercules Chemicals

  • DHL Pakistan

  • DuPont Far East Inc.

  • Eli Lilly Scientific Office

  • First International Investment Bank

  • The General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan

  • Gillette Pakistan

  • IBM Semea

  • Intel Pakistan

  • International Laboratories

  • Johnson & Johnson Pakistan

  • Karachi International Container Terminal

  • Karam Ceramics

  • KFC

  • McDonalds

  • Merck Sharp & Dohme Pakistan

  • Morgan Stanley Pakistan Investment Fund

  • Muller & Phipps Pakistan

  • New Hampshire Insurance Company

  • Occidental Pakistan

  • Pakistan Mobile Communications

  • Parke, Davis & Company

  • Pepsi-Cola Pakistan

  • Pfizer Laboratories

  • Pizza Hut

  • Premier Tobacco Industries

  • Procter & Gamble Pakistan

  • Rafhan Maize Products Company

  • Sheraton Middle East Management Corp.

  • Singer Pakistan

  • Smith Kline Becham Pakistan

  • Squibb Pakistan

  • 3M Pakistan

  • Union Texas Pakistan

  • Upjohn Pakistan