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The recent visit of the US President, Bill Clinton to South Asia, marks the shift in American foreign policy. Though, Clinton will be relinquishing the office by the end of this year, his visit will have a profound impact on the foreign policy of the forthcoming government.


Currently, the foreign exchange earnings of the Karachi Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) estimated at $75-80 million as compared to $1 billion per annum earned by Bangladesh Zone. Despite having an edge over Bangladesh due to availability of the basic raw material within the country i.e. cotton and cotton yarn. the inconsistent economic policies and the poor management altogether have left KEPZ far behind of Bangladesh zones. Bangladesh zones have to rely on imported raw material, which generally supplied from Pakistan.

The Federal Cabinet, in its meeting last week approved the draft of the ordinance which seeks to set up the Corporate and Industrial Restructuring Corporation (CIRC) to promote the revitalization of the nation’s economy by reviving sick industrial units in the country. Our Bereau Chief reports from Islamabad.

Drug Prices
Prices of registered drugs will soon increase but not in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry's demand of 26 per cent hike. The Federal Ministry of Health last week proposed to the Federal Cabinet that it approve an immediate raise of 10 per cent in the prices of registered drugs. Yousaf Rafiq reports from Islamabad.

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