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IBA Jamshoro welcomes new millennium

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What sculpture is to a piece of marble, education is to the soul

Mar 13 - 26, 2000

MBA (Hons) Institute of Business Administration (Jamshoro).

Dawn of new millennium might have been mere change of digits for many but it has proved to be a source of strength for IBA. New millennium has brought with it new challenges, a stiff competition for capturing excellence, new benchmarks for success and high degree of leadership skill to contend with all these requirements. "Survival of fittest' is apt expression for the game of life that world in new millennium would play.

IBA (Jamshoro) has accepted all the challenges of new millennium with resolve to come out high in competition for supremacy. IBA (Jamshoro) under the dynamic leadership of Dr Anwer Ali Shah G Syed has set off on the road of academic excellence; constructive activities have started in all the directions of the system. Let me brief you on the concerted efforts afoot to consolidate the progress achieved in realisation of education friendly environment.

First and foremost challenge that an educational institute or for that matter any coordinated activity face is maintenance of discipline between ranks and files of actors involved. Recognising the primacy of discipline for better environment, administration started a series of discussions between students and teachers during which students were convinced to realise their responsibilities and importance of discipline. They learnt effective methods for performance of their responsibilities. Results from interaction between faculty and students have been remarkable, practice of "self granted leave" has been checked, attendance in classes has reached highest ever and quality of relationship within students and with teacher has seen marked improvement.

Books are repository of knowledge, a manager always resort to these time tested friends for tackling complexities that he might face. Without availability of good books, idea of high standard of education holds no ground. IBA seminar library is being refurbished, new books have been collected in stock, procedure of membership and book issuance has been streamlined. Currently a treasure of about ten thousand books is being retained by IBA seminar. To facilitate the students in getting required books, an arrangement with University's central library has been worked out, whereby any book short at IBA seminar library is obtained from central library to be issued to student.

Computer education

Computer is essential tool of business education. IBA has a fully air-conditioned well-equipped computer laboratory of its own. Internet facilities have been made available.

IBA Jamshoro considers its students as ambassadors to market. At IBA, students are not only expected to be highly competent but they are supposed to be persons of integrity and honour. These qualities are part of personality, special emphasis and attention is being assigned to build personality traits worth emulation in students. Again method of counselling is being adopted with teachers setting themselves as examples for students to follow. Reputable personalities from outside have been invited to motivate and help students in bringing about positive changes in their personalities. IBA wants to make well-groomed and responsible persons from its students.

Students are assets of an educational institute, IBA like to see its assets elevated in the market, for that purpose career counselling is provided to students. From choice of field of speciatisation to placement for internship, to advise on job opportunities IBA stood by its students. A separate section works directly under Director IBA for providing career counselling.

An environment could only become conducive for creativity when there exists close liaison between teacher and students, when students feel at home to share thoughts with their guide. At IBA (Jamshoro) a friendly relationship between teacher and students is being promoted. Forthcoming attitude of teachers in advising students on any problem (academic or non-academic) has resulted in strengthening of confidence in teachers consequently quality of education has improved. Mr. Imam Din Khoso has been acting as student liaison officer

Co-curricular and extra curricular activities are imperative for superior academic environment, in IBA such activities are being promoted at two levels — class and at institute level. Presentations have become regular feature in the classes; just to encourage students and build confidence in them teachers have been assigning general as well as subject oriented topics for presentations. Group discussions, student's forums have been arranged from time to time. At institute level recently we had a debate competition on trumpeted topic of "role of the IMF in development of LDCs", students participation and interest in this event was unmatched. Many such activities are being planned. Sporting activities are also given attention, under guidance of Mr. Zahid Kazi, students are provided with all the sporting facilities. IBA students have been participating in inter-department sports competitions and have won the titles many times.

Need for a competent faculty could not be over emphasized. IBA faculty is being led by person of no less competence than Dr Anwer Ali Shah, a Ph.D. from (Leeds), other teachers also possess excellent credentials. To keep teachers abreast with latest developments in field of business, they are sponsored for courses and seminars taking place from time to time. Recently couple of teachers have been sent to a leading computer training institute in Pakistan for acquiring most advanced know-how on computers. Strength of faculty is being increased and new members have been appointed purely on merit. To tape expertise of other renowned academicians, they are invited as guest speakers in classes, IBA also have some of the most learned teachers as visiting faculty members.

To ensure best comes out of IBA Jamshoro new grading system has been introduced, brief outline is as under


A= 87-100

B= 72-86

C= 60-71

F= below 60.

Underlying reason behind popularity of business courses was their job earning potential, reality is that an institute that has stronger presence in jobs market is reckoned as successful one. To meet the challenge of capturing jobs market course taught at IBA have been made job oriented. A complete revision of curriculum took place on 30th November 1999; a committee headed by Director IBA Prof. Dr Anwer Ali Shah accomplished this task. Among the member of committee were distinguished personalities as

Prod Dr. Syed Qadeer Ahmed, (Director and Dean, Asian Management Institute, Iqra University Karachi), Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahab, former Director IBA Karachi,

Mr. Khair Muhammad Zardari, Associate Professor, IBA (Jamshoro) Mr. Muhammad Aslam Pathan, Assistant Professor, IBA (Jamshoro)

Other steps that IBA (Jamshoro) has taken to meet challenges of new millennium are given below.

BBA (Hon's) specialization has been introduced, fields of specialisation are 1) Marketing 2) Finance 3) Information Technology 4) Human resource management.

Bi-major specialization has been allowed to students so that they could select the best combination of subjects that suit their future planning.

Internship being an opportunity for student to get exposure of job market is being given increased importance, along with better planning for placement of students in reputable organizations. IBA has announced conducting of two internships as partial requirement for BBA (Hons) and one internship for MBA.

IBA has started schemes of Executive BBA (EBBA), Executive MBA (EMBA) on self-financing basis beside regular courses of BBA (Hons), MBA (Hons), MBA (Pass).

MBA (Evening) program offered by IBA has been revitalised, duration for the degree has been cut to two years from three years, and this has been done without compromising on effectiveness of scheme.

IBA (Jamshoro) is well aware of the requirement of future and has prepared itself to excel in every facet of education system. An institute par excellence with committed faculty and talented students is proud of contribution it is making to the task of nation building.