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For the record
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Mar 13, 2000


(Cartoon depicting answer of one of many young students asked by their teacher, ‘what does USA stand for?’)

*** "PRESIDENT ARAFAT and the Palestinian National Authority will not meet foreign officials if they don’t meet Palestinian officials in occupied East Jerusalem."

(PLO official Faisal Al Husseini explaining the new policy in response to recent Israeli efforts to dissuade visiting VIPs from visiting East Jerusalem)

*** "IT WAS like there was a big pink elephant in the room and everyone acted like it wasn’t there."

(Prosecutor Johnnie Cochran commenting on the acquittal of four New York police officers who killed the unarmed Amandou Diallo, a dark-skinned African immigrant. The four policemen fired a total of 41 shots)

*** "OFTEN, NATIONS have simply traded hunger for obesity, and diseases of poverty for diseases of excess . . . The hungry and the overweight share high levels of sickness and disability, shortened life expectancies, and lower levels of productivity."

(Findings of Worldwatch, a Washington-based environmental think-tank, which say that the world’s overweight population now rivals the number of underfed people for the first time in the history of the world)

*** "PINOCHET HAS escaped extradition because he is considered unfit to stand trial not because he is thought to be innocent of his crimes. This has been an important test case."

(Geoffrey Bindman, a British human rights lawyer fighting extradition of the former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who was released by the UK after 17-month detention)

*** "I REJECT the false choice between effective policing and mutual respect. Bad relations with the community is not a cost of doing business."

(US first lady Hillary Clinton who is a candidate for New York’s Senate seat calling for shakeup of the NY Police Department in the aftermath of the death of unarmed African Muslim immigrant Amandou Diallou by the police)

*** ". . . because British consumers are extremely fussy when it comes to toilet paper. British bums, in short, demand and get the best."

(An article in The Economist explaining "why it cost more to wipe your bottom in Britain than in any other country in the European Union)

*** "I DID have one breakfast with the chairman of the Bank of China, but the deal was actually done before that breakfast."

(Richard Li replying to a question that whether he discussed the $ 38 billion deal to successfully take-over of Hong Kong’s telecom giant, Cable & Wireless)

*** "HE HAS been administered drugs to help prevent his body rejecting the new hands . . . We don’t expect them to function 100 per cent."

(Raimund Margreiter, head of 18-member team which carried out the world’s second double hand transplant in Vienna, Austria. The 17-hour operation was the first such transplant in Austria after the first such transplant in Lyon, France in January)

*** "TURKEY NEEDS a stronger Virtue Party to complete its democratisation process."

(Abdullah Gul, a leading reformist member of Turkey’s Virtue Party, the main opposition with 104 seats in the 550-member parliament, announcing his plan to run for the party’s chairmanship to ‘bring a new dynamism' to become the largest party in the next elections)

*** "THE CURRENT model of economic development that is being pursued by the IMF (and other international financing institutions) is fundamentally unsustainable, as it seeks growth at all costs without regard to ecological limits."

(Report of Friends of the Earth, a leading US-based environmental group, asking the IMF to take immediate action to reverse the ecological harm its policies and programmes have wreaked in developing countries)

*** "THE RUSSIANS are calling us terrorists. But what are they doing? They are killing women and children trapped in their houses in Grozny. When the time comes, I will return to my country and take part in the jihad."

(Mossab, a young Chechen living in Peshawar vowing to avenge Russian atrocities committed against his people)

Edited by Syed M. Aslam