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Mar 13, 2000

Gillette launches Duracell® Ultra for maximum performance

Gillette Pakistan introduced Duracell® Ultra, the first alkaline battery specifically designed to meet the intense power requirements of today's sophisticated electronics. The most powerful alkaline battery in the world in high-drain devices, Duracell Ultra is offered in the full range of AA, AAA, C, D and 9 volt sizes. Duracell Ultra provides consumers premium battery performance in a wide range of devices. For example, new Duracell Ultra AA and AAA batteries last up to 80 per cent longer than ordinary alkaline batteries in such power-demanding devices as digital cameras, and up to 60 per cent longer in flash cameras. In halogen flashlights, Duracell Ultra batteries last up to three more hours and, in high-drain portable stereo players, Duracell Ultra batteries last up to two more hours, when compared to ordinary alkaline batteries.

"The launch of Duracell Ultra in Pakistan is consistent with our Company's commitment to provide premium-quality, innovative products to consumers," said Muhammed Amin, Chief Executive and General Manager, Gillette Pakistan Limited. "With Duracell Ultra, Gillette has broken the boundaries of alkaline technology, delivering to consumers peak performance and added value in response to their needs for portable power."

Improved Government Credibility will Increase Remittances

The freezing of foreign currency accounts in 1998, is one of the key factors contributing to the progressive decline in the inward remittances. This was identified by the participants of a roundtable held on "The role of remittances in the economic turnaround of Pakistan". The roundtable was organized by TCS and was attended by a cross section of senior bankers, educationists, eminent journalists, stock market representatives and corporate leaders. Khalid N. Awan, chairman of TCS hosted the roundtable while senior management consultant and educationist, Dr. Junaid Ahmed conducted the meeting.

The complicated and inefficient legal modes of banks for remitting money from abroad is yet another major deterrent in channeling remittances into the national exchequer. Participants also unanimously agreed that an attractive environment in the country and competitive investment products by private and public sector institutions are required to mobilize the savings of Non Resident Pakistanis (NRPs).

Rimula C Anti-Counterfeit Campaign First Trade Draw

The country's leading lubricant company, Shell Pakistan Limited held the first draw of its Rimula C anti- counterfeit promotion for trade in Karachi recently. The promotional campaign forms an integral part of Shell Pakistan's dedicated efforts to curb the sale of spurious and counterfeit diesel engine oils in the country.

When purchasing a Rimula C pack, a customer merely has to ensure that the number on the pack is identical to the one on the cap. This guarantees that the oil is genuine Rimula C.

The first draw was held in Karachi; Mr. Ayaz Bukhari, Retail Manager, and Mr. Quentin De Silva, Commercial Manager, Shell Pakistan Limited, drew the winning numbers. The prizes included, an air ticket for Umra, colour television sets, a dinner set and wrist watches.

The Rimula C anti- counterfeit campaign includes two more draws on March 25 and April 25, and finally a grand draw will be held on May 30, 2000 in which one lucky number will win a grand prize of Rs 100,000 in cash.

The prize scheme has drawn a lot of interest and popularity, and major Rimula C dealers, alongwith numerous other vendors have participated actively.

A view of the MoU being signed between NBP and Supernet at the NBP headoffice in Karachi to improve utilities bill collection services. Signing the agreement are Mohammadmian Soomro, President NBP, (right) and Shahid Feroze, MD Supernet (left).


Subway kicked off the Millennium with the opening of their 14, 174th outlet in the heart of Pakistan's financial centre I. I. Chundrigar road. This is the second outlet in Pakistan after the first one, which opened in Zamzama, Defence.

The bright yellow colored Subway outlet, sandwiched amongst the dark coloured buildings brings a refreshing change to the atmosphere of I.I.Chundrigar Road. Moreover Subway offers a great many alternatives with 17 types of sandwiches and salads.

The executives, young and old alike, who are pressed for time and looking for a large variety of tasty, healthy, and quick meals, will find that Subway is the place for them. Very shortly, the delivery service will also be starting.

The opening party of Subway's new outlet at I. I. Chundrigar Road was a pleasant affair with the Consul General of the United States of America Mr. John E. Bennett as their Honorable Chief Guest. The turnover was impressive to say the least, with bankers, businessmen and people from the media present.

But this is just the beginning, because Subway would now be vigorously expanding its operations by selling franchises to qualified entrepreneurs.

The Consul General of the USA enjoying the sandwich.


A Seminar at AMI

The stage was set on the night of 23rd February 2000 for one of the grandest seminar to be held by an institution in Karachi The venue was the elegant campus of the Asian Management Institute, a constitute of Iqra University. The theme of seminar was what "Makes an Effective Manager". The seminar was arranged by Management Society of the Business Administration Department. Due to the attractiveness of the theme and the reputation of AMI, the seminar drew an impressive crowd of over 300 participants More than half of those was member of corporate world.

The three hour session that started at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 9:30 p.m. the syllabus for the occasion were

Mr. Rasheed Zubari - Ex-Director Marketing, Boots

Mr. Navroz Surani- Director Personnel - Aga Khan University.

Mr. Masood Anwar Shah - Director Marketing IBA

Mr. Fasih-UI-Karim Siddiqui Director Hinopak Motors

Mr. Uzma Bashir Director Finance & Administration Interpid Construction Co. Ltd

Prof Fazle Hassan Dean Director AMI- Iqra University

The event commenced with an introduction by Syed Kamran Hyder (Executive Committee Member) and Fatima Iqbal (Joint Sectratery). The first speaker was Mr. Rasheed Zubari who emphasized on the different qualities of an effective manager. He began with complimenting Prof S. Fazle Hassan for confirming the IBA tradition of starting on time at AMI and stated that time management is the first step towards becoming an effective manages. He then describes different motivational factors of an effective manager. He concluded with formula for an effective manager, which in his words is, Knowledge* Commitment* Attitude* Skill* Effort.

Mr. Navroz Surani then spoke on the challenges of Business in the 21st century. He stressed on the difference between the manager and effective manager and stated the 10 golden rules of an effective management.

Mr. Massod Anwar Shah Director Marketing IBA then took over. His topic covered the different types of Skills an effective manager should possess. He linked the importance of knowledge in developing skills and it's subsequent impact on an effective manager. He incorporated real life situation to emphasise his points.

Mr. Fasih-UI-Karim next, separated each letter of the word Manager to drive the inherent meaning of what qualities a manager should possess. He also separated people into 3 categories, namely worker, manager and leaders. He focused on explaining how each of them is efficient.

Ms.Uzma Bashir next explained the core difference between a leader and a manager.

The next speaker Mr. Rameez Allawala stole the show his dynamic and extremely entertaining speech covered a broad range of topics like leadership issues, management abilities, empathy and sympathy, empowerment etc. He also strongly stressed upon improving oneself to be a more effective manager.

The last speaker of the evening was Professor Syed Fazle Hassan Dean & Director of AMI. His speech summarized nearly all the points stated by the previous speakers and stressed on attitude as being one of the most important factors in reaching the top.

Question and answer session followed the speeches with the audience taking the initiatives to inter act one to one with the speakr and learn from their experiences. After the question and answer session the Dean & Director presented the guest speakr commemorative plaques.

Mr. Habib Iqbal Mundrawala, President Management Society AMI- Iqra University, then presented his vote of thanks speech. After the concluding speech, the guests were treated to a gourmet dinner and guided tour of campus.


In our issue No. 10, page No 37 and 38, group photo of signing of MoU between Dewan Farooque Motors Ltd and Shell Pakistan Ltd was inadvertently repeated instead of Chairman BOP and Governor State Bank of Pakistan. This mistake is highly regretted.

The Chairman BOP Mr. Tariq Sultan presented a shield to the Governor State Bank of Pakistan Dr. Ishrat Hussain as a momento of his visit to the Bank.

Investco the pioneers of open-end spinning in Pakistan

Investco was established in the 70s as a family business with a reputable background of experience in textile.

Investco introduced and successfully put into operation the first plant of Open-End machines in Pakistan in 1974. Since then over 700 machines have been runing successfully. Investco provides the total infrastructufre of Sales, Service and Spare Parts availability.

Investco is now associated with Elitex A.S. of Saurer Group whoare also the pioneers of OE spinning machines. Investco's solid experience, expertise, know-how and well established infrastucture as well as the high level of trust and reputation in Pakistan gives it the edge to compete effectively and successfully. At present, the latest range of machines are available - Automated as well as Semi-Automated. All these machines are top-of-the-line and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. From the 70s into the next millennium, Investco steps into the future with confidence.

Investco also represents other manufacturers of Socks Knitting, Weaving and Power Generation, etc.

Muhammad Arif of Investco hosted a luncheon to meet Mr. Jaroslav Olsa, Consul General of the Czech Republic and Mr. Jiri Kudrna, Attache. Seen in the photograph are (left to right) Muhammad Arif, J. Kudrna. Ashrat w. Tabani, J. Olsa, T. Patochka or Jablonex, L. Franke or Elitex OE Spinning, (Saurer Group) J. Skara, J. Dittrich and M. Vinopal of Skoda Diesel Internatonal (Gen Sets).

Collectorate of customs Lahore surpasses the budgetary targets

The collected of Customs, Lahore collected Rs. 43.40 million during February, 2000 against the target fixed at Rs. 540,00 million the central Board of Revenue, for the same month showing an increase of Rs. 3.4 million or (+) 1% and Rs. 125.78 million or (+) 30% when compared with February, 1999, the collection of which was Rs. 417.60 million. Progressive collection of Customs duties during July, 1999 February, 2000 stood at Rs. 4657.08 million as against collection of Rs. 3879.14 million collected during the same period of last year, showing an increase of Rs. 777.94 million or (+) 20%. A target of Rs. 42.75 million was allocated to the Collectorate for July, 1999 February, 2000 whereas the Collectorate has not only achieved the assigned target out also surpassed the same by Rs. 382.08 million.

The Amnesty Scheme announced by the Federal Government has attracted a large number of owners of non-duty paid vehicles plying on roads and more than 476 vehicle have been so far regularized and Rs. 106 million have been added to the national exchequer in terms of duty and taxes. Most of the non-duty paid vehicles included Toyota Corolla Cars, Charade, Starlet, and Nissan of Models ranging from 1980-1990 and one Mercedes Benz of Model 1990. The luxury vehicles were not presented as the incidence of duty and taxes is still too high on them. The Collectorate of Customs Lahore, has established a special car assessment cell at the NLC Dryport, Lahore where the transparent system of car assessment cell is going on smoothly and same day clearance facility is being extended to the owners of non-duty paid vehicles. The Collector of Customs, Mr. Aftab Anwar Baloch and Deputy Collector of Customs Dr. Asif Mehmood Jah has requested all law abiding citizens to come forward and regularize the non-duty vehicles, if they had nay, under the Amnesty Scheme, a special crackdown will be launched after 15th March, 2000 and all non-duty paid vehicles will into only be seized but confiscated outright, the Collector Customs warned.

The Anti-smuggling Organization of this Collectorate also made 33 seizures of contraband goods during the month of February, 2000 valuing Rs. 26.90 million as compared to 12 cases valuing Rs. 7.13 million made during the corresponding month of the last fiscal year. Most of the seized goods comprises of Art Silk Cloth, Dry Battery Cells, Lead Pencils, Ball Bearings, Plastic Beads and gold etc. During July-February, 2000 the total number of seizures made by the Anti-smuggling Organization of this Collectorate was 185 valuing Rs. 110.517 million as compared to 113 cases valuing Rs. 56.47 million during the corresponding period of the last fiscal year.

Advertisers launch new Media Charters

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has today launched its Media Charter for all advertisers, setting out key principles which all parties should follow when planning & buying media space and time. Its aim is to promote a framework to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of media as vehicles for commercial communication.

The Charter has been agreed by the WFA Media Committee, led by Bernhard Glock of Procter & Gamble, after detailed discussions with advertisers and their national associations. The World Federation of Advertisers believes the principles apply in all countries.

Key points for what advertisers seek

Unimpeded and unrestricted access to all available media

Messages to be planned in the right media at the right moment to reach the agreed targets

Freedom to advertise all legal goods and services without restrictions

The right to challenge regulations which restrain the freedom to buy media

Mutual recoglution, so ads that meet rules in one country can be broadcast to others

Effective self-regulation within a meaningful legal framework

The WFA Media Charter also sets best practices on transparency, confidentiality, media research, circulation audits, agency remuneration and TV audience measurement. Proposals for setting up a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) to ensure fair monitoring of industry research are also included, and a section on digital and interactive media. Pakistan, through the Pakistan Advertisers Society is a member of the World Federation of Advertisers since 1998.

Karachi Industrial Association

Representatives of 14000 industries situated in Karachi attended an emergent meeting called by Mr. Farooq Bakaly, Chairman, Council of Karachi's Industrial Associations, a joint body of five prominent industrial associations namely SITE Association of Industry, Korangi Association of Trade & Industry, Landhi Association of Trade & Industry, F.B. Area Association of Trade & Industry and North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry, and vehemently opposed the move by the Utility Agencies of charging the consumers for change of name on utility bills required by CBR for GST input.

The representatives criticized the attitude of utility agencies, particularly KESC and said that these agencies are using the imposition of GST on utility bills as leverage and pressurizing the bulk consumers particularly industrialists to pay Security Deposit equivalent to two and half month of energy bills which is totally unjustified as this is the requirement of CBR and not of the consumers. CBR had imposed 15% on utility bills with the condition that consumers could claim the same as input on monthly basis subject to the condition that the claimant is registered with Sales Tax and it Registration No is printed on the bills. KESC is demanding huge charges for printing the name and registration no. on the utility bills.

It will be pertinent to mention here that in certain cases, the charges of Security Deposit is in excess of rupees five million and the industries are not in a position to pay this. KESC already has security deposits and has been providing electricity irrespective of the fact whosoever is the actual consumer.