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By Nadir Ali Kolachi
Jan 03 - 16, 2000

I strongly believe that talent always works but it needs to be furnished and to be kept up-to-date with modern activities

People should sharpen their skills with the following macro and micro level things which have been identified as the most important factors for the success in the job market.

General knowledge: Those who lacks general knowledge are naive in many things. They cannot evaluate and perceive the literature, society, and culture of different countries which helps in the development of personal thoughts.

It also helps to keep oneself up-to-date which develops confidence and also help to find new things of modern era.

Field of specialization: This is an era of specialization, one should be very much sound in his work. One should be master and genius in his subject.

Communication skills: The most important factor which is responsible for the most of the jobs is an ability to communicate. These skills provide the fun to deal with the people and win their hearts.

Good appearance: Communication Instructors suggest that Interviewer takes fifteen to thirty seconds to evaluate fifty percent interview. People must try to look good to leave best impression on the interviewer. The interviewee should be in proper and current business dress

Polite and never emotional: The interviewee should be very much polite and answer interviewer's questions unemotionally and try to make notes of the interview.

Good expression power, good voice and good language: You should develop an ability to express the things properly. We must be both introvert and extrovert for having good expression power.

Planning for career: People should plan their career. They should set an specific target and be aplomb to achieve that target

Enthusiasm and interest: Working with full enthusiasm and interest is the source of knowledge, satisfaction and promotion

Confidence and poise: People should be very much confident in doing things. Confidence helps you to grow to reach the climax of your career.

Interest only in learning: You should not work only for money but concentrate on learning tips of the job. If any reputable company offers you a job with less money, go for that and start from the bottom to learn and get an experience .

No excuses: You should make no excuses of any thing which you do not possess. Remember that there is no excuse in professionalism.

Tactful, courteous and mature: People should be tactful in handling related things, courteous in dealing and mature to adjust with the environment

Active in social understanding: They should be well active in social understanding to get an experience of different people

Confidence to look at interviewer's eyes: You should not evade from the interviewer's eyes. You should focus on them and reply answers looking at interviewer's eyes

Decision power: You should take proper decision at the right time which can be most beneficial for your career advancement

Application and resume: Write an application and Resume in concise but providing all necessary information and should be neat and clear

Want a job for long term: You should want a job for long term and get an experience and learn things which can be helpful for your career

Sincerity with the company or industry: You should work with full sincerity and honesty which will give more promotions and favours from the company.

All young graduates of the world are in great need to follow and improve all aforesaid factors which are prime requisite to hone up their skills to compete in the competitive job market.

The writer is Assistant Professor College of Management & Information Technology, Karachi.