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Dec 27, 1999 - Jan 02, 2000

In April 1999, CBM launched the Pakistan Business Review, the country's first business, research and policy analysis quarterly. This is a refreed research journal with a twenty member international editorial advisory committee. Three issues have been published and the fourth is due in January 2000.

Administrative developments during 1998-99 included the finalization of rules of service for management and academic staff, policy guidelines for examination procedures, revision of curriculum, updating of the college catalogue, constitution of the M. Phil Research Advisory Committee and appointment of a new Dean of CBM. In addition, the Institute acquired an eight acre site in the Korangi Creek area and a multi-purpose campus is already under construction. CBM will move into its new premises by June 2000.

The Institute of Business Management which is CBM's parent body seeks as early as possible, to provide a wide range of courses in telecommunication and construction management, urban and environmental studies, transportation and communication and in social, and economic development. The ultimate aim of the Institute is to develop as a full fledged City University, linking courses in finance, engineering, marketing, law and the social sciences. The Institute arms at providing widely accessible education training, research and consultancy services to businesses, government agencies, NGOs and all sections of the urban community. An Institute for Intermediate Education will be established in September 1999 to provide quality pre-university education. CBM has already been offering an MBA programme in the area of health, hospital management and pharmaceutical administration. This programme is to be upgraded and there are plans for the establishment of a full-fledged College for Health Services Management in the near future.

Breaking new ground is not easy in the present economic conditions as students prefer to specialize in the traditional areas of marketing, finance and information sciences, because these are the areas in which it is relatively easy to find jobs. However, the Institute recognizes a need to improve Sindh's urban infrastructure by providing special training in urban environment and construction management. If latent demand is to be translated into effective demand in these and many other new areas, several initiatives are required.

Financing arrangements must be made to enable public sector agencies such as KMC, KDA, KWSB & KESC to sponsor students in MBA courses in environmental, urban and construction management. Without such initiative new programmes — especially in the area of urban and environmental management will remain under funded. To overcome this, the Institute will organize a seminar on "Management of Cities, Environment and health Care in the 21st Century; again the first of its kind, which will be attended by the representatives of the government, the private sector and international organizations. Given the very serious nature of the urban and environmental crises that many urban centres in the province face today, it is hoped that the seminar will set in motion the process whereby financing can be made available to enable urban and environmental agencies to sponsor students in this area. It is hoped that the business community will financially support this initiative. The Institute is prepared to launch a full-fledged program, in urban and environmental management from September 2000, provided an adequate student intake can be assured with support from the government. Pakistani business, international donor agencies.

The business community has been a generous supporter of this institution CBM's very existence would not have been possible without this support. The Pakistani International Airlines, FPCCI, KSE and PAF are represented on CBM's Board of Governors. The board also includes several leading businessmen who serve in their private capacity.

CBM's mission statement commits it "to produce business leadership for making Pakistan an increasingly efficient and innovative power of the twenty first century".

This is an enormous challenge particularly in the context of a globalized international environment where competition has intensified and the need for continuous product quality upgrading has become increasingly demanding. CBM has made a promising start and shows considerable potential for developing into a leading centre for business education in South Asia.