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Hamdard University, City Campus

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Dec 27, 1999 - Jan 02, 2000

Hamdard University is the culmination of the grand vision of its founder Hakim Mohammed Said (Shaheed). Chartered in 1991, it continues to excel in achievements and has earned recognition as a center of excellence domestically and internationally. As a flag carrier of knowledge and wisdom, it is striving to move forward in materializing the cherished dream of its founder.

Hamdard University at this critical juncture is setting a trend of rendering educational services to all, irrespective of caste, color or creed. Yesterday's dream is becoming reality. The world marching towards the unknown will have Hamdard graduates all equipped, all collated and prepared to confront the challenges and crises of the future.

Hamdard University is preparing a breed of expertise to rejuvenate and channelize the systems, which are fast deteriorating. We even inculcate creative abilities in students and enable them to carve a niche for themselves in the future world of business.


Hamdard University has expanded very rapidly on the main campus at Madinat-ul-Hikmah. As a priority project Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) was started in May 1994. Within four years HIMS is now recognized as one of the three leading business schools of Pakistan, accredited nationally and internationally. With a faculty led by Dr. Matin A. Khan, the most respected pioneer of business education in Pakistan, HIMS is now taking concrete shape of the vision of beloved Hakim Mohammed Said (Shaheed).

City Campus

Due to the increasing demand for business education from those employed in business houses and for the convenience of the people desirous of attending evening classes, the University decided to establish a city campus of the Institute in 1997. Located in the heart of Karachi in Adamjee Nagar, off Tipu Sultan Road, the city campus is spread over an area of 22000 sq.ft.

Hamdard University, City Campus was specifically established to cater the growing needs of professionals, managers and executives. It is built with a view to trained generations of employed and working persons in disciplines that will help them advance their career in business and information technology.

Vision of the founder....

Hamdard University, City Campus is constantly striving to materialize the grand vision of the founder, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said:

"Education at Hamdard should touch all spheres of development — Intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, cultural and technological."

Our endeavour

Our endeavour, at Hamdard, is to achieve the objective envisioned by Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said — making Hamdard an institution which contributes to society not only through "Promotion of Knowledge" but also with "Creation of Knowledge".


By the grace of Almighty Allah, the city campus has emerged as custom-made and dovetailed knowledge center, having strength of around 800 students. Open on 7 days a week and working from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the city campus is providing the best education in business administration and information technology. Considering the recent advancements in management sciences, we have re-designed the academic programs, which would meet the requirements of prospective business leaders. Tailor-made courses have been prepared. For example, "Business Systems in Pakistan" has been designed and taught. The course of Entrepreneurship has been completely modified according to local, regional and national requirements and the students of Business Administration are prepared to run their own small-level businesses to apply acquired knowledge to practical situations. Business Ethics is given maximum weight, stress and priority while designing and delivering courses. Starting with foundation courses, the students have the opportunity to develop personal and intellectual abilities in a conducive academic environment.

Friendly atmosphere

The students, at City Campus, are learning in a complete student-friendly environment. The programs offered are flexible. The students have the choice whether they join in the Fall or Spring Semester. They have full liberty to take courses in evening or executive or certificate course programs. They may choose any of the six fields for specialization. They can opt even for a joint degree program, for example, MBA and Information Technology. In addition, the City Campus provides opportunities to senior managers for developing their skills in the state-of-the-art areas in management.


Hamdard University, City Campus is catering the professionals to equip themselves for the needs of next millennium. While offering courese in other areas also, the City Campus is offering the following degree and certificate programs:

BS (Hons.) in Business Informatics

BS in Finance and Accounts (For ICAP Students having completed foundation courses)

PGD in Business Administration

PGD in Entrepreneurship

MBA Evening

MBA Executive


Awareness of Information Technology

Visual Basic

With specialization in the areas of Management, Marketing, Finance, MIS, Hospital Management, Banking, Operations and Quality Management and Quantitative Methods.


Hamdard University, City Campus is proud is proud to have one of the finest and most outstanding faculty, headed by Prof. Muhammed Wali Khan Durrani, Chief Executive Officer, City Campus. It comprises of 6 regular and more than 30 adjunct faculty members. They are highly educated, skilled and trained having a long professional executive experience. Most of them are qualified from renowned business schools and universities of the world, like Harvard, Wharton, Cambridge, Mc Gill, London, Indiana State, California, Southern California, Oregon State and The Hague. They are mostly CEOs or very senior executives in various multinational organizations and banks. Most prominent of them are: Dr. M. A. Rauf Qureshi, Prof. S. Mustafa Rizvi, Prof. Akhtar Ahsan, Prof. Qaiser Mufti, Mr. Danishmand, Mr. Etrat H. Rizvi, Mr. Azhar-ullah etc.

The faculty, at Hamdard University, City Campus, excels in their own fields and imparts education in slightly non-orthodox manner. The purpose of such program is to enhance the level of education and decision-making ability of the participants. Most of the participants are already working in different corporations. Therefore, there was a need to improve their level of awareness and decision-making ability. Textbooks are still the basic instruments but discussion on the real life issues, based on textbook knowledge, is the real life spirit of education at city campus.

Class rooms

The classrooms at Hamdard University, City Campus are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. They are used for providing comprehensive training in theory and case analysis which develop technical and financial skills, fosters global and strategic thinking and provides a philosophy that stresses corporate responsibilities and inter-connectedness among all the stakeholder of the business enterprises. The skills are reinforced through extensive teaming exercises, group projects, and interaction with businesses and business leaders locally and nationally.

Students' profile

Hamdard University, City Campus, is proud to have self-motivated and dedicated students. Among them are teachers, engineers, doctors, chartered accountants, cost accountants, bankers, insurers, defence service officers and CSP officers. They all are highly devoted to their studies. As Hamdard do not compromise on standards, they strictly adhere to all the norms, rules and regulations of the university. There is no discrimination at all levels. Education is imparted on future need basis. Need Analysis is done through students. The basic objective is to change the approach and attitude of the students and to develop them at micro level so that macro objective of the country can be achieved. Suggestions are always welcomed. Special care is taken for morals, values and ethic during the course of learning. The first batch of MBA Executive is graduating this year. Around 35 students will pass out as MBAs with majors in Finance, Marketing, MIS & Management. They will be awarded degrees in the forthcoming convocation which is scheduled to be held in February, 2000.

In addition more than 50 students are going to complete PGD in Business Administration. They will also receive their diplomas in the convocation. One of our students, Col. () Muhammad Afzal has been elevated as Chairman, Pakistan Steel, which is a matter of pride for us.


The Hamdard University Center of Excellence for Training and Development (CETAD) was established in 1998. It is making rapid progress under the dynamic leadership of Prof. M. Wali Khan Durrani and Prof. Dr. Ahsan H. Khan. This Center of Excellence conducts management development programs that include workshops, speical short courses and seminars on the burning issues of national and international importance, for the development of professionals, managers and executives in the field of Marketing, Management, Finance, Information Technology and Banking. Some of them are:

Stuck up Loans

Sales Tax Management

Role of Current Competitive Environment in Pakistan

Time Management

Role of Audit and SBP's Supervision

Series of 6 one-day IT Seminars

Series of 6 one-day Marketing Seminars

Banking Conference in Islamabad

Oracle Certification Program

Awareness of IT

Visual Basic

Most eminent speakers are invited to discuss the contemporary issues. This can help the decision-makers and policy planners to address the grass root issues.